Philadelphia Union 7-0 D.C.: Black-and-Red routed as Union run riot

Photo Credit: AP

Philadelphia Union eased past D.C. United in a 7-0 victory on Saturday at Subaru Park. As the table looks today, Union are currently 1st with 33 points from 26 matches, while D.C. sit in 14th, with 17 points from 26.

Union started the first half well, when Bedoya opened the rout, at 9 minutes. Union looked to have the match under control when they scored again and increased their lead, thanks to a goal from Carranza at the 22 minute mark to establish a 2-0. The momentum was now with Union, who then scored again through a effort from Carranza in the 25th minute to establish a 3-0. The momentum was now with Union, who then scored again through a 2nd effort from Bedoya, 37 minutes in to establish a 4-0. Union then scored again and increased their advantage thanks to a goal from Uhre just before halftime, which saw the first half end 5-0.

Union continued to apply pressure in the second and were rewarded, when Uhre found the net again at the 59 minute mark. Union then netted once more and increased their lead thanks to a hat trick effort from Carranza, 72 minutes in to make it 7-0.

Substitutions for Union included Burke, Aaronson, Sullivan, Jack Mcglynn and Brandan Craig for Uhre, Gazdag, Bedoya, José Martinez and Leon Flach, repectively. D.C. brought on Odoi-Atsem, Smith, Robertha, Alfaro and Djeffal, to replace Hines-Ike, Sami Guediri, Pines, Smith and Estrada.

The referee booked two players from D.C., Birnbaum and Odoi-Atsem.

Technical card:
Philadelphia Union:Blake, Bedoya (Sullivan, min.73), Carranza, Elliott, Leon Flach (Brandan Craig, min.87), Gazdag (Aaronson, min.61), Glesnes, Harriel, José Martinez (Jack Mcglynn, min.73), Uhre (Burke, min.60) and Wagner
D.C. United:Romo, Birnbaum, Chris Durkin, Estrada (Djeffal, min.73), Fountas, Julian Gressel, Sami Guediri (Smith, min.42), Hines-Ike (Odoi-Atsem, min.42), Kamara, Pines (Robertha, min.46) and Skundrich
Stadium:Subaru Park
Goals:Bedoya (1-0, min. 9), Carranza (2-0, min. 22), Carranza (3-0, min. 25), Bedoya (4-0, min. 37), Uhre (5-0, min. 45), Uhre (6-0, min. 59) and Carranza (7-0, min. 72)