Los Angeles 1-0 D.C.: The Black and Gold bank narrow home win

Photo Credit: AP

Los Angeles FC’s 1-0 win over D.C. United on Wednesday, was hard fought at Banc of California Stadium. As it stands, Los Angeles and D.C. are 1st, (57 points) and 14th, (22 points), in the league respectively, after 36 matches.

After an uneventful first half, Los Angeles piled on the pressure in the second and were rewarded, when Opoku found the net in the 68th minute. When the final wisthle blew, the result was 1-0 to Los Angeles.

Substitutions for Los Angeles included Opoku, Blessing, Hollingshead and Mamadou Fall for Rodríguez, Vela, Cifuentes and Segura, repectively. D.C. brought on Chris Durkin, Miguel Berry, Odoi-Atsem, Pines and Kamara, to replace Hopkins, Rodríguez, Najar, Sami Guediri and Morrison.

The referee booked Escobar from Los Angeles. D.C. had the worst of it though, with Hopkins, Najar, Morrison, Birnbaum and Ochoa seeing yellow, and Birnbaum (2 yellow cards) then sent off with a red.

Los Angeles will next travel to San Jose, while D.C. will face Philadelphia Union at home.

Technical card:
Los Angeles FC:Crépeau, Segura (Mamadou Fall, min.84), Murillo, Palacios, Escobar, Ilie, Kellyn Acosta, Cifuentes (Hollingshead, min.84), Rodríguez (Opoku, min.62), Arango and Vela (Blessing, min.73)
D.C. United:Ochoa, Alfaro, Birnbaum, Sami Guediri (Pines, min.82), Najar (Odoi-Atsem, min.82), Pálsson, Hopkins (Chris Durkin, min.63), Djeffal, Rodríguez (Miguel Berry, min.71), Morrison (Kamara, min.82) and Fountas
Stadium:Banc of California Stadium
Goals:Opoku (1-0, min. 68)