D.C. 2-3 Inter: The Herons just hang on for road success

Photo Credit: AP

D.C. on home loss to Inter Miami at Audi Field on Monday. D.C. are now in 14th place on the table and have 27 points while Inter sit in 8th with 42 points after 45 matches.

D.C. dominated the first half, when Benteke found the net, 22 minutes in. However, their celebrations were kept brief, as Campana equalised for The Herons on the 39 minute mark. The score at half time remained 1-1.

Inter started the second half with an intensified spirit, when Campana found the net once more in the 53rd minute. However, the good fortune didn’t last for long. An equalizer from Fountas, 58 minutes in brought Black-and-Red level. In the end though, Inter took the victory via a Higuaín goal just before the full time. The final result, D.C. 2, Inter 3.

Substitutions for D.C. included Miguel Berry, Robertha, Hopkins and Canouse for Fountas, Rodríguez, Odoi-Atsem and Morrison, respectively. Inter brought on Taylor, Sailor, Vassilev and Lassiter for Bryce Duke, Lowe, Mota and Campana.

There were bookings for Chris Durkin and Fountas from D.C. For Inter, Lowe, Gregore and Vassilev saw yellow.

Technical card:
D.C. United:Ochoa, Birnbaum, Pines, Najar, Odoi-Atsem (Hopkins, min.89), Pálsson, Chris Durkin, Rodríguez (Robertha, min.82), Morrison (Canouse, min.89), Fountas (Miguel Berry, min.66) and Benteke
Inter Miami:Drake Callender, Lowe (Sailor, min.75), Mabika, Mcvey, Yedlin, Mota (Vassilev, min.86), Gregore, Pozuelo, Bryce Duke (Taylor, min.66), Campana (Lassiter, min.86) and Higuaín
Stadium:Audi Field
Goals:Benteke (1-0, min. 22), Campana (1-1, min. 39), Campana (1-2, min. 53), Fountas (2-2, min. 58) and Higuaín (2-3, min. 90)