Charlotte 1-2 Orlando: The Lions get narrow win against The Minted

Photo Credit: AP

Charlotte on home loss to Orlando City on Monday. As the table looks today, Charlotte are in 10th place, with 32 points from 37 matches, while Orlando sit in 5th, with 36 points from 37.

After a goalless first half, Orlando continued to apply pressure in the second and were rewarded, when Kara gave The Lions the lead, at 62 minutes. However, they were unable to maintain their lead, Gaines managed to equalize and take the sides off at the 66 minute mark at 1-1. Orlando in turn, then responded just before the final whistle increasing their lead with an effort from Akindele, which sealed the victory for the visitors.

Substitutions for Charlotte included Jóźwiak, Bender and Reyna for Kerwin Vargas, Mcneill and Gaines, repectively. Orlando replaced Michel, Akindele, Cartagena and Gioacchini with Mulraney, Kara, Pereyra and Torres.

There were bookings for Mcneill and Jones from Charlotte, and Mulraney, Torres, Antônio Carlos and Pereyra, for Orlando.