Palermo 1 – Genoa 0: Visitors leave Stadio Renzo Barbera with nothing

Photo Credit: AP

On Friday, Genoa suffered an away defeat to Palermo FC at Stadio Renzo Barbera. Genoa had managed to pick up a point in their matchup with Parma.

After a goalless first half, certainly were out of the blocks quickly in the second half, with an early goal from Brunori Sandri in the 49th minute, seing the match finish 1-0.

Genoa brought on Aramu, Yalcin, Galdames, Strootman and Puşcaş, to replace Jagiello, Portanova, Badelj, Pajač and Hefti.

Technical card:
Palermo FC:Pigliacelli, Marconi, Nedelcearu, Mateju (Sala, min.89), Alessio Buttaro, Štulac (Gomes, min.83), Dario Saric (Damiani, min.60), Segre, Di Mariano (Soleri, min.83), Brunori Sandri (Vido, min.89) and Elia
Genoa:Josep Martínez, Dragusin, Bani, Pajač (Strootman, min.65), Hefti (Puşcaş, min.78), Badelj (Galdames, min.65), Frendrup, Jagiello (Aramu, min.53), Portanova (Yalcin, min.53), Ekuban and Coda
Stadium:Stadio Renzo Barbera
Goals:Brunori Sandri (1-0, min. 49)