Visitors unable to get win at Stadio San Vito

Photo Credit: AP

Nuova Cosenza strolled past Palermo FC with a 3-2 win on Saturday at Stadio San Vito. NUO were looking forward to playing again after losing their last match 3-1 to Pisa.

started strong and were rewarded for their efforts, when Brunori found the net, 41 minutes in. However, their celebrations were kept brief, as Aldo Florenzi equalised for NUO just before half-time, finishing the first half 1-1.

NUO rallied after this and were rewarded, with a goal from Rigione on the 56 minute mark. However, they were unable to maintain their lead, Brunori managing to equalize, 59 minutes in 2-2. NUO in turn, then responded on the 63 minute mark, grabbing the lead with an effort from Larrivey so at full time it was 3-2 to NUO.

Substitutions for NUO included Brescianini, Michael Venturi, Brignola, Camigliano and Kornvig for D’urso, Caló, Merola, Rispoli and Aldo Florenzi, respectively.

Technical card:
Nuova Cosenza:Marson, Meroni, Rigione, Pietro Martino, Rispoli (Camigliano, min.76), Caló (Michael Venturi, min.76), Voca, D’urso (Brescianini, min.66), Aldo Florenzi (Kornvig, min.84), Merola (Brignola, min.76) and Larrivey
Palermo FC:Pigliacelli, Marconi (Vido, min.71), Nedelcearu, Devetak (Crivello, min.29), Mateju, Gomes (Floriano, min.82), Jérémie Broh (Damiani, min.81), Segre (Dario Saric, min.71), Di Mariano, Brunori and Valente
Stadium:Stadio San Vito
Goals:Brunori (0-1, min. 41), Aldo Florenzi (1-1, min. 45), Rigione (2-1, min. 56), Brunori (2-2, min. 59) and Larrivey (3-2, min. 63)