Benevento 0 – PIS 0: No goals at Stadio Ciro Vigorito and points shared

Photo Credit: AP

On Saturday, Benevento and PIS played out a 0-0 draw at Stadio Ciro Vigorito. Benevento were looking to get back to winning ways after losing their last match 2-1 to Como while PIS were able to continue their winning streak after a 4-2 win against Modena in their last match. Benevento are now in 17th place, with 10 points from 11 matches, while PIS sit in 14th, with 11 points from 11.

Substitutions for Benevento included Ilias Koutsoupias, Forte and Masciangelo for La Gumina, Improta and Foulon, respectively. PIS replaced Sibilli, Marin, Gliozzi, Calabresi and Morutan for Tramoni, Ioniţă, Torregrossa, Tomás Esteves and Masucci.

There were bookings for Foulon, Improta and Leverbe from Benevento. For PIS, Sibilli, Marin and Calabresi saw yellow.

PIS and Benevento will next play at home to Nuova Cosenza and SSC Bari respectively.

Technical card:
Benevento:Paleari, Leverbe, Pastina, Capellini, Schiattarella, Karic, Letizia, Foulon (Masciangelo, min.73), Diego Farias, Improta (Forte, min.68) and La Gumina (Ilias Koutsoupias, min.68)
Pisa:Livieri, Hermannsson, Rus, Beruatto, Calabresi (Tomás Esteves, min.74), Nagy, Marin (Ioniţă, min.57), Touré, Morutan (Masucci, min.74), Gliozzi (Torregrossa, min.64) and Sibilli (Tramoni, min.57)
Stadium:Stadio Ciro Vigorito