San Lorenzo 1 – Atlético Tucumán 1: Honours even and points shared at Estadio Pedro Bidegain

Photo Credit: AP

On Sunday, San Lorenzo and Atlético Tucumán played out a 1-1 draw at Estadio Pedro Bidegain. With both teams drawing in their previous fixtures, they were each keen to pick up points. San Lorenzo were looking for a victory after a scoreless draw against Defensa and Justicia in their previous match. Atlético Tucumán, meanwhile, had secured a point against Banfield in their previous match. San Lorenzo are now in 10th place, with 26 points from 18 matches, while Atlético Tucumán sit in 1st, with 34 points from 18.

Atlético Tucumán started strong and were rewarded, when Ramiro Carrera gave them the lead, 44 minutes in. However, their celebrations were kept brief, as Adam Bareiro equalised for San Lorenzo just before half-time, ending the first half 1-1. Both teams unable to deliver anything further, the score remained at 1-1 at full time.

Substitutions for San Lorenzo included Ezequiel Cerutti, Agustin Giay, Gonzalo Maroni and Ivan Leguizamon for Nahuel Barrios, Agustin Martegani, Andres Vombergar and Malcom Braida, respectively. Atlético Tucumán replaced Cristian Menendez, Francisco Di Franco, Mateo Coronel and Eugenio Isnaldo with Augusto Lotti, Renzo Ivan Tesuri, Ramiro Ruiz Rodriguez and Joaquin Pereyra.

There were bookings for Agustin Giay and Ezequiel Cerutti from San Lorenzo, and Manuel Capasso, Renzo Ivan Tesuri and Matias Orihuela, for Atlético Tucumán.

San Lorenzo will next travel to Colón, while Atlético Tucumán will face Talleres Córdoba at home.

Technical card:
San Lorenzo:Augusto Batalla, Gaston Campi, Cristian Zapata, Federico Gattoni, Agustin Martegani (Agustin Giay, min.46), Jalil Elias, Ignacio Mendez, Malcom Braida (Ivan Leguizamon, min.76), Adam Bareiro, Andres Vombergar (Gonzalo Maroni, min.64) and Nahuel Barrios (Ezequiel Cerutti, min.46)
Atlético Tucumán:Carlos Lampe, Martin Garay, Bruno Bianchi, Manuel Capasso, Matias Orihuela, Renzo Ivan Tesuri (Francisco Di Franco, min.68), Ramiro Carrera, Guillermo Acosta, Joaquin Pereyra (Eugenio Isnaldo, min.90), Augusto Lotti (Cristian Menendez, min.68) and Ramiro Ruiz Rodriguez (Mateo Coronel, min.82)
Stadium:Estadio Pedro Bidegain
Goals:Ramiro Carrera (0-1, min. 44) and Adam Bareiro (1-1, min. 45)