Godoy Cruz 0 – Argentinos 0: Both sides unable to find the net and the win

Photo Credit: AP

Godoy Cruz were helde ach other to a 0-0 draw by Argentinos on Friday at Estadio Malvinas Argentinas. Godoy Cruz were looking to get back to winning ways after losing 3-1 to Talleres Córdoba in their last match. Argentinos had secured a point against Defensa and Justicia in their previous match. Godoy Cruz are now in 11th place on the table and have 35 points while Argentinos sit in 7th with 38 points after 25 matches.

Substitutions for Godoy Cruz included Tadeo Allende, Gabriel Vega, Salomon Rodriguez, Tomas Castro Ponce and Andres Meli for Enzo Larrosa, Juan Pintado, Tomas Badaloni, Gonzalo Abrego and Elias Pereyra, respectively. Argentinos brought on Javier Cabrera, Jose Maria Herrera and Lautaro Nahuel Ovando, to replace Andres Roa, Thiago Nuss and Gaston Veron.

The referee booked Tomas Badaloni and Andres Meli for Godoy Cruz.

Godoy Cruz will play at home against Patronato, while Argentinos will face Gimnasia La Plata away.

Technical card:
Godoy Cruz:Diego Rodriguez, Pier Barrios, Gianluca Ferrari, Jose Canale, Elias Pereyra (Andres Meli, min.78), Juan Pintado (Gabriel Vega, min.72), Gonzalo Abrego (Tomas Castro Ponce, min.78), Juan Andrada, Martin Ojeda, Enzo Larrosa (Tadeo Allende, min.64) and Tomas Badaloni (Salomon Rodriguez, min.78)
Argentinos Juniors:Federico Lanzillotta, Kevin Mac Allister, Thiago Nuss (Jose Maria Herrera, min.60), Mariano Bittolo, Marco Di Cesare, Franco Moyano, Lucas Villalba, Alan Rodriguez, Gabriel Avalos, Andres Roa (Javier Cabrera, min.59) and Gaston Veron (Lautaro Nahuel Ovando, min.83)
Stadium:Estadio Malvinas Argentinas