Colón 0 – Racing 2: Visitors secure points with win at Estadio Brigadier Estanislao Lopez

Photo Credit: AP

Colón on home loss to Racing Club at Estadio Brigadier Estanislao Lopez on Friday. Both teams arrived fresh from some positive results. Colón had been hopeful of continuing their good run after winning their previous two matches in the competition. The most recent was against the CA Platense away (2-1), the other to Patronato at home (1-0). Racing were able to continue their winning streak after a 2-0 win against Atlético Tucumán in their last match. Colón and Racing are 24th, (28 points) and 2nd, (47 points), in the league respectively, after 25 matches.

Following a goalless first half, Racing continued to pile on the pressure in the second period and were rewarded, when Johan Carbonero found the net on the 65 minute mark. Racing then netted again and increased their lead thanks to a goal from Enzo Copetti in the 68th minute to make it 2-0.

Substitutions for Colón included Juan Pablo Alvarez, Juan Sanchez Mino, Mauro Formica, Facundo Taborda and Stefano Moreyra for Santiago Pierotti, Leonel Picco, Luis Miguel Rodriguez, Cristian Bernardi and Baldomero Perlaza, respectively. Racing brought on Carlos Alcaraz, Jonathan Gomez, Gabriel Hauche, Nicolas Oroz and Facundo Mura for Emiliano Vecchio, Matias Rojas, Johan Carbonero, Leonel Miranda and Ivan Pillud.

There were bookings for Leonel Picco, Ramon Abila, Facundo Garces and Stefano Moreyra from Colón. For Racing, Gonzalo Piovi saw yellow.

Colón will next play Defensa and Justicia at home, with Racing facing Lanús away.

Technical card:
Colón:Ignacio Chicco, Gian Nardelli, Paolo Goltz, Facundo Garces, Rafael Delgado, Baldomero Perlaza (Stefano Moreyra, min.79), Leonel Picco (Juan Sanchez Mino, min.59), Cristian Bernardi (Facundo Taborda, min.78), Santiago Pierotti (Juan Pablo Alvarez, min.58), Luis Miguel Rodriguez (Mauro Formica, min.64) and Ramon Abila
Racing Club:Gabriel Arias, Ivan Pillud (Facundo Mura, min.81), Gonzalo Piovi, Leonardo Sigali, Eugenio Mena, Matias Rojas (Jonathan Gomez, min.69), Emiliano Vecchio (Carlos Alcaraz, min.37), Anibal Moreno, Leonel Miranda (Nicolas Oroz, min.81), Johan Carbonero (Gabriel Hauche, min.69) and Enzo Copetti
Stadium:Estadio Brigadier Estanislao Lopez
Goals:Johan Carbonero (0-1, min. 65) and Enzo Copetti (0-2, min. 68)