Colón 1-2 Defensa and Justicia: Visitors win after early exchange of goals

Photo Credit: AP

Defensa and Justicia banked all three points against the Colón in a 2-1 victory on Tuesday, at Estadio Brigadier Estanislao Lopez. Colón were looking forward to playing again after losing their last match 2-0 to Racing Club. Defensa and Justicia, meanwhile, were coming off the back of a 1-0 win against Unión Santa Fe. Colón and Defensa and Justicia currently occupy 24th and 12th spots in the table, with 28 points and 37 points respectively after 26 matches.

Defensa and Justicia dominated the first half, with an early goal from Gabriel Alanis in the 4th minute. However, their lead didn’t last for long, Luis Miguel Rodriguez producing an equaliser on the 10 minute mark, bringing Colón level. However, Defensa and Justicia reestablished their lead via a Paolo Goltz goal, at 17 minutes, concluding the first half 2-1. The second half ended with little further action at either end and goalless.

Substitutions for Colón included Juan Pablo Alvarez, Eric Meza, Julian Chicco, Facundo Taborda and Laureano Troncoso for Santiago Pierotti, Gian Nardelli, Leonel Picco, Baldomero Perlaza and Luis Miguel Rodriguez, respectively. Defensa and Justicia brought on Lucas Souto, Andy Rios, Fabricio Dominguez, Francisco Marco and Brahian Cuello, to replace Cristian Ortiz, Nicolas Fernandez, Gabriel Alanis, Kevin Gutierrez and Gaston Togni.

Colón will next travel to Rosario Central, while Defensa and Justicia will face Atlético Tucumán at home.

Technical card:
Colón:Ignacio Chicco, Gian Nardelli (Eric Meza, min.62), Paolo Goltz, Lucas Acevedo, Rafael Delgado, Santiago Pierotti (Juan Pablo Alvarez, min.61), Luis Miguel Rodriguez (Laureano Troncoso, min.90), Baldomero Perlaza (Facundo Taborda, min.78), Leonel Picco (Julian Chicco, min.78), Cristian Bernardi and Ramon Abila
Defensa and Justicia:Ezequiel Unsain, Nicolas Tripichio, Nazareno Colombo, Nicolas Zalazar, Alexis Soto, Gaston Togni (Brahian Cuello, min.90), Cristian Ortiz (Lucas Souto, min.46), Julian Lopez, Kevin Gutierrez (Francisco Marco, min.87), Gabriel Alanis (Fabricio Dominguez, min.77) and Nicolas Fernandez (Andy Rios, min.77)
Stadium:Estadio Brigadier Estanislao Lopez
Goals:Gabriel Alanis (0-1, min. 4), Luis Miguel Rodriguez (1-1, min. 10) and Paolo Goltz (1-2, min. 17)