Huracán 0-0 Atlético Tucumán: Stalemate at the Estadio Tomas Adolfo Duco

Photo Credit: AP

On Sunday, Huracán and Atlético Tucumán were held to a 0-0 draw at Estadio Tomas Adolfo Duco. Huracán arrived with the intention of increasing their league score after a 1-1 draw against Defensa and Justicia. Atlético Tucumán, on the other hand, were looking to extend their winning run after a 2-1 victory against Lanús. Following today’s result, Huracán are in 13th place, with 5 points from 4 matches, while Atlético Tucumán sit in 8th, with 6 points from 4.

Substitutions for Huracán included Jhonatan Candia, Juan Carlos Gauto, Gabriel Gudino and Ismael Quilez for Rodrigo Cabral, Benjamin Garre, Federico Fattori and Guillermo Soto, repectively. Atlético Tucumán brought on Joaquin Pereyra, Cristian Menendez, Matias Orihuela, Ignacio Maestro Puch and Manuel Capasso, to replace Eugenio Isnaldo, Gaston Gil Romero, Gabriel Risso, Cristian Menendez and Bruno Bianchi.

There were bookings for Guillermo Soto from Huracán. For Atlético Tucumán, Gaston Gil Romero, Ramiro Carrera, Martin Garay, Nicolas Thaller, Augusto Lotti and Matias Orihuela saw yellow.

Huracán will next travel to Colón, while Atlético Tucumán will face Godoy Cruz at home.

Technical card:
CA Huracán:Lucas Abraham Chaves, Guillermo Soto (Ismael Quilez, min.81), Jonathan Galvan, Lucas Merolla, Walter Gabriel Perez, Santiago Hezze, Federico Fattori (Gabriel Gudino, min.81), Franco Cristaldo, Benjamin Garre (Juan Carlos Gauto, min.72), Rodrigo Cabral (Jhonatan Candia, min.66) and Matias Coccaro
Atlético Tucumán:Carlos Lampe, Martin Garay, Nicolas Thaller, Bruno Bianchi (Manuel Capasso, min.86), Gabriel Risso (Matias Orihuela, min.57), Ramiro Carrera, Gaston Gil Romero (Cristian Menendez, min.57), Guillermo Acosta, Eugenio Isnaldo (Joaquin Pereyra, min.57), Ramiro Ruiz Rodriguez and Augusto Lotti
Stadium:Estadio Tomas Adolfo Duco