Atlético Tucumán 1 – Rosario Central 1: Plenty of goals but no winner at Estadio Monumental Jose Fierro

Photo Credit: AP

On Friday, Atlético Tucumán and Rosario Central played out a 1-1 draw at Estadio Monumental Jose Fierro. Atlético Tucumán were looking forward to playing again after losing their last match 2-0 to Racing Club. Rosario Central had secured a point against Defensa and Justicia in their previous match. Atlético Tucumán are now in 4th place on the table and have 44 points while Rosario Central sit in 24th with 27 points after 25 matches.

It was an impressive opening from Rosario Central, when Facundo Valentin Buonanotte gave them the lead on the 24 minute mark to take them into the break 1-0 up.

Atlético Tucumán took the lead in the second half, thanks to a goal from Ignacio Maestro Puch just before the final whistle, leaving the final score at 1-1.

Substitutions for Atlético Tucumán included Mateo Coronel, Ignacio Maestro Puch, Renzo Ivan Tesuri and Eugenio Isnaldo for Francisco Di Franco, Augusto Lotti, Joaquin Pereyra and Matias Orihuela, respectively. Rosario Central replaced Alan Marinelli, Marcelo Benitez, Jhonatan Candia and Juan Komar with Franco Frias, Francis Mac Allister, Alejo Veliz and Fernando Rodriguez.

The referee booked Ramiro Carrera, Guillermo Acosta and Bruno Bianchi from Atlético Tucumán. Rosario Central had the worst of it though, with Alejo Veliz, Francis Mac Allister, Fernando Rodriguez, Marcelo Benitez, Gaspar Servio and Jhonatan Candia seeing yellow, and Marcelo Benitez (2 yellow cards) then sent off with a red.

Atlético Tucumán will next play Unión Santa Fe at home, with Rosario Central facing River away.

Technical card:
Atlético Tucumán:Carlos Lampe, Martin Garay, Manuel Capasso, Bruno Bianchi, Matias Orihuela (Eugenio Isnaldo, min.79), Francisco Di Franco (Mateo Coronel, min.64), Guillermo Acosta, Ramiro Carrera, Joaquin Pereyra (Renzo Ivan Tesuri, min.74), Augusto Lotti (Ignacio Maestro Puch, min.64) and Cristian Menendez
Rosario Central:Gaspar Servio, Damian Martinez, Christian Baez, Facundo Almada, Fernando Rodriguez (Juan Komar, min.67), Mateo Tanlongo, Kevin Ortiz, Francis Mac Allister (Marcelo Benitez, min.59), Facundo Valentin Buonanotte, Franco Frias (Alan Marinelli, min.46) and Alejo Veliz (Jhonatan Candia, min.59)
Stadium:Estadio Monumental Jose Fierro
Goals:Facundo Valentin Buonanotte (0-1, min. 24) and Ignacio Maestro Puch (1-1, min. 85)