Visitors to Estadio Monumental Jose Fierro leave with nothing

Photo Credit: AP

Atlético Tucumán enjoyed a mesmerising home victory against CA Sarmiento at Estadio Monumental Jose Fierro on Wednesday. Both teams arrived on the back of wins. Atlético Tucumán were looking to continue their run after winning their previous two games against Aldosivi away and Gimnasia La Plata at home, by 1-0 and 2-0 respectively.

Following a goalless first half, Atlético Tucumán piled on the pressure in the second and were rewarded, thanks to a goal from Ignacio Maestro Puch just before the final whistle. When the final wisthle blew, the result was 1-0 to Atlético Tucumán.

Substitutions for Atlético Tucumán included Mateo Coronel, Ignacio Maestro Puch, Renzo Ivan Tesuri, Augusto Lotti and Gaston Gil Romero for Ramiro Carrera, Cristian Menendez, Ciro Rius, Ramiro Ruiz Rodriguez and Joaquin Pereyra, repectively.

Technical card:
Atlético Tucumán:Carlos Lampe, Martin Garay, Bruno Bianchi, Manuel Capasso, Matias Orihuela, Ciro Rius (Renzo Ivan Tesuri, min.83), Guillermo Acosta, Ramiro Carrera (Mateo Coronel, min.73), Joaquin Pereyra (Gaston Gil Romero, min.90), Cristian Menendez (Ignacio Maestro Puch, min.73) and Ramiro Ruiz Rodriguez (Augusto Lotti, min.84)
CA Sarmiento:Sebastian Tomas Meza, Jean Rosso (Guido Mainero, min.81), Manuel Guanini, Gaston Sauro, Federico Andueza, Gonzalo Bettini, Lucas Castro (Sergio Quiroga, min.85), Emiliano Mendez, Federico Paradela (Julian Brea, min.62), Luciano Gondou (Jonathan Torres, min.62) and Javier Toledo (Jair Arismendi, min.62)
Stadium:Estadio Monumental Jose Fierro
Goals:Ignacio Maestro Puch (1-0, min. 85)