Atlético Tucumán 0-0 Banfield: The Dean frusrated at home in goalless draw

Photo Credit: AP

Tuesday’s fixture between Atlético Tucumán and Banfield delivered a goalless draw at Estadio Monumental Jose Fierro. Both teams arrived at the match with previous defeats in the league. Atlético Tucumán were looking forward to playing again, following defeat to Boca whilst Banfield were beaten 2-1 in their previous match against Defensa and Justicia. Atlético Tucumán and Banfield currently occupy 1st and 20th spots in the league, with 33 points and 19 points respectively after 17 matches.

Substitutions for Atlético Tucumán included Cristian Menendez, Mateo Coronel and Eugenio Isnaldo for Augusto Lotti, Renzo Ivan Tesuri and Ramiro Ruiz Rodriguez, respectively. Banfield brought on Jeremias Perales, Matias Gonzalez, Andres Chavez, Gregorio Tanco and Nicolas Domingo, to replace Jesus Datolo, Agustin Urzi, Ramiro Enrique, Aaron Quiros and Matias Romero.

There were bookings for Bruno Bianchi from Atlético Tucumán. For Banfield, Luciano Abecasis, Alejandro Cabrera, Agustin Urzi and Dylan Gissi saw yellow.

Atlético Tucumán will next travel to San Lorenzo, while Banfield will face Colón at home.

Technical card:
Atlético Tucumán:Carlos Lampe, Martin Garay, Bruno Bianchi, Manuel Capasso, Matias Orihuela, Renzo Ivan Tesuri (Mateo Coronel, min.66), Guillermo Acosta, Ramiro Carrera, Joaquin Pereyra, Ramiro Ruiz Rodriguez (Eugenio Isnaldo, min.67) and Augusto Lotti (Cristian Menendez, min.66)
Banfield:Facundo Cambeses, Luciano Abecasis, Alejandro Maciel, Dylan Gissi, Luis Mago, Aaron Quiros (Gregorio Tanco, min.82), Jesus Datolo (Jeremias Perales, min.70), Matias Romero (Nicolas Domingo, min.82), Alejandro Cabrera, Ramiro Enrique (Andres Chavez, min.82) and Agustin Urzi (Matias Gonzalez, min.76)
Stadium:Estadio Monumental Jose Fierro