Aldosivi 1-3 Talleres: Visitors secure points with win at Estadio Jose Maria Minella

Photo Credit: AP

Aldosivi on Sunday lost to Talleres Córdoba on a home defeat at Estadio Jose Maria Minella. Both Aldosivi and Talleres arrived at the match with previous defeats in the league. Aldosivi arrived at the match looking to pick up more points after losing their last match 1-0 to Banfield while Talleres were beaten 2-1 in their previous match against Vélez Sarsfield. Aldosivi and Talleres are 28th, (16 points) and 14th, (31 points), spots respectively, after 26 matches.

Talleres started strong and were rewarded for their efforts, when Leandro Espejo found the net, 26 minutes in, saw out the first half 1-0.

Talleres continued to apply pressure in the second period and were rewarded, when Julio Buffarini found the net in the 67th minute. However, Aldosivi refused to lie down and managed to pull back a goal from Martin Cauteruccio in the 71st minute. In the end though, Talleres increased their advantage via a Francisco Pizzini goal on the 72 minute mark, leaving the final score at 3-1.

Substitutions for Aldosivi included Juan Manuel Cuesta, Elias Britez, Tobias Cervera, Javier Iritier and Braian Martinez for Santiago Silva, Tomas Martinez, Leandro Maciel, Marcelo Meli and Francisco Cerro, respectively. Talleres replaced Matias Godoy, Ulises Ortegoza, Maximiliano Gonzalo Alvez, Leandro Espejo and Matías Catalan for Francisco Pizzini, Rodrigo Villagra, Michael Santos, Matias Esquivel and Rafael Perez.

The referee booked three players. Ian Escobar from Aldosivi, who saw yellow cards and Ian Escobar (2 yellow cards), sent off with a red, as well as for Talleres Angelo Martino also seeing yellows.

Aldosivi will play their next fixture away against San Lorenzo, while Talleres will face Gimnasia La Plata at home.

Technical card:
Aldosivi:Jose Devecchi, Rufino Lucero, Mario Lopez, Nicolas Valentini, Ian Escobar, Marcelo Meli (Javier Iritier, min.59), Francisco Cerro (Braian Martinez, min.79), Tomas Martinez (Elias Britez, min.59), Leandro Maciel (Tobias Cervera, min.59), Martin Cauteruccio and Santiago Silva (Juan Manuel Cuesta, min.46)
Talleres Córdoba:Guido Herrera, Julio Buffarini, Lucas Suarez, Matías Catalan (Rafael Perez, min.79), Angelo Martino, Matias Godoy (Francisco Pizzini, min.46), Ulises Ortegoza (Rodrigo Villagra, min.56), Christian Oliva, Rodrigo Garro, Leandro Espejo (Matias Esquivel, min.68) and Maximiliano Gonzalo Alvez (Michael Santos, min.56)
Stadium:Estadio Jose Maria Minella
Goals:Leandro Espejo (0-1, min. 26), Julio Buffarini (0-2, min. 67), Martin Cauteruccio (1-2, min. 71) and Francisco Pizzini (1-3, min. 72)