Univ de Chile 2-1 Unión La Calera: 90th-minute winner secures dramatic win for hosts

Photo Credit: AP

Univ de Chile enjoyed a mesmerising home victory against Unión La Calera at Nacional on Sunday. Univ de Chile arrived at the match looking pick up points, following a previous defeat to Cobresal. Unión La Calera, on the other hand, had managed to pick up a single point in their matchup with Unión Española. As the table looks today, Univ de Chile and Unión La Calera currently occupy 12th and 14th spots in the league, with 17 points and 14 points respectively after 16 matches.

After an uneventful first half, Univ de Chile piled on the pressure in the second and were rewarded, with a goal from Dario Osorio, 63 minutes in. However, they were unable to maintain their lead, Matias Cavalleri managed to equalize and take the sides off at the 70 minute mark at 1-1. Univ de Chile in turn, then responded just before the final whistle increasing their lead with an effort from Bastian Tapia. The match ended with a 2-1 home victory.

Substitutions for Univ de Chile included Dario Osorio, Lucas Assadi and Junior Fernandes for Pablo Aranguiz, Mauricio Morales and Ronnie Fernandez, repectively. Unión La Calera replaced Patricio Flores, Matias Cavalleri, Lucas Passerini and Yerco Oyanedel with Cesar Perez, Mathias Vidangossy, Pedro Henrique and Gonzalo Castellani.

The referee booked five players. Mauricio Morales, Marcelo Morales and Ronnie Fernandez from Univ de Chile, who saw yellow cards and Cristian Palacios, sent off with a red, as well as for Unión La Calera Sebastian Saez received yellows.

Univ de Chile will next travel to Antofagasta, while Unión La Calera will face Ñublense at home.

Technical card:
Univ de Chile:Cristobal Campos, Yonathan Andia, Ignacio Tapia, Bastian Tapia, Marcelo Morales, Israel Poblete, Pablo Aranguiz (Dario Osorio, min.61), Pedro Ojeda, Mauricio Morales (Lucas Assadi, min.89), Cristian Palacios and Ronnie Fernandez (Junior Fernandes, min.90)
Unión La Calera:Ignacio Arce, Simon Ramirez, Henry Sanhueza, Cristian Vilches, Pedro Henrique (Lucas Passerini, min.73), Cesar Perez (Patricio Flores, min.56), Williams Alarcon, Gonzalo Castellani (Yerco Oyanedel, min.78), Mathias Vidangossy (Matias Cavalleri, min.56), Nicolas Orellana and Sebastian Saez
Goals:Dario Osorio (1-0, min. 63), Matias Cavalleri (1-1, min. 70) and Bastian Tapia (2-1, min. 90)