Univ de Chile 0 – U. Católica 3: Home side humiliated by travelling Nacional

Photo Credit: AP

U. Católica ease to a comfortable 3-0 win at Nacional. Univ de Chile were looking forward to meeting again after losing their last match 3-1 to Curicó Unido. U. Católica had managed to pick up a single point in their matchup with O’Higgins. After today’s result, Univ de Chile and U. Católica sit 13th, (22 points) and 8th, (30 points), in the league respectively, after 23 matches.

The first half of the match started favourably for U. Católica, when Cesar Pinares opened the rout, at 8 minutes, to take a 1-0 lead into half time.

U. Católica started the second half with an intensified spirit, with an early goal from Fernando Zampedri in the 49th minute. U. Católica then netted once more and increased their lead thanks to a goal from Clemente Montes just before the final whistle with a final score of 3-0.

Substitutions for Univ de Chile included Dario Osorio, Felipe Gallegos, Junior Fernandes and Felipe Seymour for Jeisson Vargas, Mauricio Morales, Israel Poblete and Pedro Ojeda, repectively. U. Católica brought on Clemente Montes, Gonzalo Tapia, Juan Leiva, Bryan Gonzalez and Tomas Asta-Buruaga, to replace Fabian Orellana, Jose Pedro Fuenzalida, Luciano Aued, Mauricio Isla and Cesar Pinares.

There were bookings for Ronnie Fernandez from Univ de Chile, and Branco Ampuero, for U. Católica.

Univ de Chile will play at home against Coquimbo Unido, while U. Católica will face La Serena away.

Technical card:
Univ de Chile:Cristobal Campos, Yonathan Andia, Nery Dominguez, Bastian Tapia, Jose Ignacio Castro Mena, Israel Poblete (Junior Fernandes, min.68), Jeisson Vargas (Dario Osorio, min.55), Pedro Ojeda (Felipe Seymour, min.87), Mauricio Morales (Felipe Gallegos, min.55), Lucas Assadi and Ronnie Fernandez
U. Católica:Matias Dituro, Mauricio Isla (Bryan Gonzalez, min.90), Gary Kagelmacher, Branco Ampuero, Alfonso Parot, Ignacio Saavedra, Luciano Aued (Juan Leiva, min.76), Cesar Pinares (Tomas Asta-Buruaga, min.90), Fabian Orellana (Clemente Montes, min.65), Fernando Zampedri and Jose Pedro Fuenzalida (Gonzalo Tapia, min.76)
Goals:Cesar Pinares (0-1, min. 8), Fernando Zampedri (0-2, min. 49) and Clemente Montes (0-3, min. 90)