Univ de Chile 3 – Cobresal 4: Visitors secure points with win at Nacional

Photo Credit: AP

Cobresal earned hard-fought win over Univ de Chile 4-3 on Saturday at Nacional. Univ de Chile were looking to get back to winning ways after losing their last match 4-0 to Huachipato. Cobresal, meanwhile, were looking to extend their winning run after a 1-0 victory against Palestino. Following this match, Univ de Chile and Cobresal sit 13th (30 points) and 4th (45 points) in the league respectively, after a total of 30 matches.

Cobresal started the first half well, when Cecilio Waterman gave them the lead, 11 minutes in. However, they were unable to maintain their lead, Pedro Ojeda managing to equalize in the 16th minute 1-1. The momentum was again with Univ de Chile, who then scored again courtesy of a goal from Bastian Tapia, 20 minutes in to establish a 2-1 result. The momentum was again with Univ de Chile, who then scored again courtesy of a goal from Mauricio Morales in the 43rd minute to establish a 3-1 result. However, Cobresal pull-back via another Cecilio Waterman goal just before half-time, finishing the first half 3-2.

Cobresal started the second half with renewed vigour, with an early hat trick effort from Cecilio Waterman in the 48th minute. They then scored again, pulling level thanks to a goal from Francisco Alarcon in the 79th minute to give a final score of 4-3.

Substitutions for Univ de Chile included Daniel Navarrete, Dario Osorio, Ronnie Fernandez, Felipe Seymour and Cesar Lobos for Jose Ignacio Castro Mena, Cristian Palacios, Junior Fernandes, Mauricio Morales and Bastian Ubal, respectively. Cobresal brought on Sebastian Silva, Nelson Sepulveda and Luis Vasquez, to replace Guillermo Pacheco, Mauro Gonzalez and Gaston Lezcano.

There were bookings for Ignacio Tapia from Univ de Chile. For Cobresal, Guillermo Pacheco, Mauro Gonzalez, Pablo Cardenas and Ivan Villalba saw yellow.

Technical card:
Univ de Chile:Martin Parra, Yonathan Andia, Bastian Tapia, Ignacio Tapia, Jose Ignacio Castro Mena (Daniel Navarrete, min.59), Mauricio Morales (Felipe Seymour, min.83), Lucas Assadi, Pedro Ojeda, Bastian Ubal (Cesar Lobos, min.83), Cristian Palacios (Dario Osorio, min.63) and Junior Fernandes (Ronnie Fernandez, min.63)
Cobresal:Leandro Requena, Guillermo Pacheco (Sebastian Silva, min.46), Diego Cespedes, Francisco Alarcon, Marcelo Jorquera, Cristopher Mesias, Mauro Gonzalez (Nelson Sepulveda, min.46), Pablo Cardenas, Cecilio Waterman, Cesar Munder, Gaston Lezcano (Luis Vasquez, min.74) and Ivan Villalba
Goals:Cecilio Waterman (0-1, min. 11), Pedro Ojeda (1-1, min. 16), Bastian Tapia (2-1, min. 20), Mauricio Morales (3-1, min. 43), Cecilio Waterman (3-2, min. 45), Cecilio Waterman (3-3, min. 48) and Francisco Alarcon (3-4, min. 79)