Unión Española 1-1 Unión La Calera: Hurtado seals 90th minute draw for visitors

Photo Credit: AP

Unión Española were held to 1-1 draw by Unión La Calera down on Monday at Santa Laura. Unión Española were looking to continue their run after winning their previous two games against Coquimbo Unido away and Antofagasta at home, by 4-2 and 2-0 respectively. Unión La Calera, on the other hand, are struggling for form following a draw in their last match. As the table looks today, Unión Española are currently 3rd with 29 points from 15 matches, while Unión La Calera sit in 14th, with 14 points from 15.

It was an impressive opening from Unión La Calera, when Sebastian Saez found the net just before halftime, ending the first half 1-0.

Unión Española took the lead in the second half, with a goal from Paolo Hurtado just before the final whistle. The match ended wih a 1-1 draw.

Substitutions for Unión Española included Ignacio Ibanez, Gabriel Norambuena and Paolo Hurtado for Vicente Conelli, Gonzalo Espinoza and Mario Larenas, repectively. Unión La Calera brought on Matias Cavalleri, Yerco Oyanedel, Pedro Henrique, Brayan Garrido and Abel Moreno, to replace Mathias Vidangossy, Cesar Perez, Henry Sanhueza, Gonzalo Castellani and Nicolas Orellana.

There were bookings for Gonzalo Espinoza, Mario Larenas, Leandro Garate and Paolo Hurtado from Unión Española, and Matias Fernandez, for Unión La Calera.

Next up, Unión Española are away to Palestino, whilst Unión La Calera will travel to face Univ de Chile.

Technical card:
Unión Española:Luis Mejia, Stefano Magnasco, Manuel Fernandez, Jonathan Villagra, Mario Larenas (Paolo Hurtado, min.82), Rodrigo Pineiro, Gonzalo Espinoza (Gabriel Norambuena, min.76), Victor Mendez, Bastian Yanez, Leandro Garate and Vicente Conelli (Ignacio Ibanez, min.46)
Unión La Calera:Ignacio Arce, Matias Fernandez, Erick Wiemberg, Cristian Vilches, Henry Sanhueza (Pedro Henrique, min.84), Nicolas Orellana (Abel Moreno, min.84), Cesar Perez (Yerco Oyanedel, min.71), Williams Alarcon, Gonzalo Castellani (Brayan Garrido, min.84), Mathias Vidangossy (Matias Cavalleri, min.64) and Sebastian Saez
Stadium:Santa Laura
Goals:Sebastian Saez (0-1, min. 44) and Paolo Hurtado (1-1, min. 90)