Unión 1 – U. Católica 2: Visitors at Santa Laura secure victory

Photo Credit: AP

U. Católica strolled past Unión Española with a 2-1 win on Thursday at Santa Laura. With both teams drawing in their previous fixtures, they were each keen to pick up points. Unión arrived with the intention of improving their league position following a 0-0 draw with O’Higgins in their previous game. U. Católica, meanwhile, were struggling for form following a draw in their last match. Unión are now in 9th place, with 37 points from 17 matches, while U. Católica sit in 4th, with 41 points from 17.

U. Católica started strongly in the first half, when Fernando Zampedri found the net, at 23 minutes to take them into the break 1-0 up.

Unión staged a comeback in the second half, when Leandro Garate found the net, at 52 minutes. In the end though, U. Católica took the victory via a Yamil Asad goal, 76 minutes in, seing the match finish 2-1.

Substitutions for Unión included Thomas Galdames, Bryan Rabello, Gonzalo Espinoza, Ignacio Ibanez and Ignacio Jara for Stefano Magnasco, Gabriel Norambuena, Sebastian Leyton, Diego Acevedo and Felipe Massri, respectively. U. Católica replaced Clemente Montes, Fabian Orellana, Daniel Gonzalez and Yamil Asad for Yamil Asad, Gonzalo Tapia, German Lanaro and Aaron Astudillo.

Unión and U. Católica played a tough game where the referee sanctioned Unión with yellow cards to Manuel Fernandez, Miguel Pinto and Ignacio Jara and with red card to Manuel Fernandez (2 yellow cards), while from U. Católica Luciano Aued, Clemente Montes and Matias Dituro were booked and red to Raimundo Rebolledo.

Next up, Unión are away to Antofagasta, whilst U. Católica will travel to face Unión La Calera.

Technical card:
Unión Española:Miguel Pinto, Stefano Magnasco (Thomas Galdames, min.17), Manuel Fernandez, Jonathan Villagra, Mario Larenas, Sebastian Leyton (Gonzalo Espinoza, min.46), Diego Acevedo (Ignacio Ibanez, min.84), Felipe Massri (Ignacio Jara, min.84), Leandro Garate, Gabriel Norambuena (Bryan Rabello, min.46) and Bastian Yanez
U. Católica:Matias Dituro, Alfonso Parot, Daniel Gonzalez (German Lanaro, min.80), Juan Leiva, Raimundo Rebolledo, Fabian Orellana (Gonzalo Tapia, min.63), Luciano Aued, Tomas Asta-Buruaga, Fernando Zampedri, Clemente Montes (Yamil Asad, min.46) and Jose Pedro Fuenzalida
Stadium:Santa Laura
Goals:Fernando Zampedri (0-1, min. 23), Leandro Garate (1-1, min. 52) and Yamil Asad (1-2, min. 76)