U. Católica 2-2 O’Higgins: The Sky Blue battle for a good point

Photo Credit: AP

On Friday, U. Católica and O’Higgins were held to a 2-2 draw at San Carlos de Apoquindo. With both teams drawing in their previous fixtures, they were keen to pick up points. U. Católica were looking for a victory after a 1-1 draw against Everton Viña del Mar. O’Higgins secured a point against Curicó Unido in their previous match. As things stand, U. Católica are in 10th place in the table and have 27 points while O’Higgins sit in 8th with 29 points after 22 matches.

U. Católica started the match well, when Jose Pedro Fuenzalida found the net, 19 minutes in. However, their lead was short lived, as Esteban Moreira equalised for O’Higgins just before halftime, to take a 1-1 lead into half time.

O’Higgins fought back, with an early goal from Facundo Barcelo in the 50th minute. In the end though, their celebrations were kept brief, as Fernando Zampedri equalised for U. Católica in the 80th minute, leaving the final score at 2-2.

U. Católica brought on Bryan Gonzalez, Clemente Montes and Diego Ossa for German Lanaro, Ignacio Saavedra and Cesar Pinares. O’Higgins brought on Juan Fuentes, Diego Fernandez and Moises Gonzalez, to replace Matias Marin, Sebastian Ubilla and Esteban Moreira.

There were bookings for Branco Ampuero, Luciano Aued, Mauricio Isla and Jose Pedro Fuenzalida from U. Católica, and Facundo Barcelo, Sebastian Ubilla, Diego Carrasco, Juan Fuentes and Antonio Diaz, for O’Higgins.

Next up, U. Católica are away to Univ de Chile, whilst O’Higgins will travel to face Coquimbo Unido.

Technical card:
U. Católica:Matias Dituro, German Lanaro (Bryan Gonzalez, min.56), Branco Ampuero, Gary Kagelmacher, Mauricio Isla, Luciano Aued, Ignacio Saavedra (Clemente Montes, min.60), Alfonso Parot, Cesar Pinares (Diego Ossa, min.83), Jose Pedro Fuenzalida and Fernando Zampedri
O’Higgins:Alexis Martin, Brian Torrealba, Diego Carrasco, Diego Gonzalez Torres, Antonio Diaz, Matias Marin (Juan Fuentes, min.56), Camilo Moya, Gaston Lodico, Esteban Moreira (Moises Gonzalez, min.88), Sebastian Ubilla (Diego Fernandez, min.76) and Facundo Barcelo
Stadium:San Carlos de Apoquindo
Goals:Jose Pedro Fuenzalida (1-0, min. 19), Esteban Moreira (1-1, min. 44), Facundo Barcelo (1-2, min. 50) and Fernando Zampedri (2-2, min. 80)