U. Católica 2-0 Coquimbo: Visitors leave empty handed after second-half collapse

Photo Credit: AP

U. Católica’s 2-0 win over Coquimbo Unido on Monday, was hard fought at San Carlos de Apoquindo. U. Católica were looking to continue their run, following a 1-0 victory against Antofagasta. Coquimbo lost 3-0 in the last match they played against Curicó Unido. As the table looks today, U. Católica and Coquimbo currently occupy 8th and 15th spots in the league, with 22 points and 12 points respectively after 16 matches.

After an uneventful first half, U. Católica applied pressure in the second and were rewarded, when Fernando Zampedri gave U. Católica the lead at the 57 minute mark. U. Católica then netted once more and increased their advantage thanks to a 2nd effort from Fernando Zampedri in the 82nd minute with a final score of 2-0.

Substitutions for U. Católica included Cristian Cuevas, Luciano Aued, Gonzalo Tapia, Raimundo Rebolledo and Fabian Orellana for Felipe Gutierrez, Marcelino Nunez, Diego Valencia, Mauricio Isla and Jose Pedro Fuenzalida, repectively. Coquimbo brought on Jorge Gatica, Dylan Escobar, Cesar Huanca and Cristian Aravena for Sebastian Galani, Fabian Carmona, Nicolas Gauna and Ignacio Jeraldino.

There were bookings for Marcelino Nunez and Diego Valencia from U. Católica. For Coquimbo, Gonzalo Jara, Sebastian Galani, Cesar Huanca and Joe Abrigo saw yellow.

U. Católica will next play Unión Española away, with Coquimbo facing Everton Viña del Mar at home.

Technical card:
U. Católica:Matias Dituro, Mauricio Isla (Raimundo Rebolledo, min.87), Branco Ampuero, Daniel Gonzalez, Alfonso Parot, Jose Pedro Fuenzalida (Fabian Orellana, min.87), Felipe Gutierrez (Cristian Cuevas, min.46), Ignacio Saavedra, Marcelino Nunez (Luciano Aued, min.55), Diego Valencia (Gonzalo Tapia, min.71) and Fernando Zampedri
Coquimbo Unido:Guillermo Orellana, Cristopher Barrera, Gonzalo Jara, Federico Pereyra, Felipe Yanez, Nicolas Gauna (Cesar Huanca, min.78), Ignacio Jeraldino (Cristian Aravena, min.86), Joe Abrigo, Fabian Carmona (Dylan Escobar, min.78), Ruben Farfan and Sebastian Galani (Jorge Gatica, min.71)
Stadium:San Carlos de Apoquindo
Goals:Fernando Zampedri (1-0, min. 57) and Fernando Zampedri (2-0, min. 82)