Palestino 1-0 Unión: Early first half goal secures the points for Palestino

Photo Credit: AP

Palestino beated Unión Española 1-0 on Saturday at Municipal de La Cisterna. Palestino were looking forward to meeting again after losing their last match 2-1 to Huachipato whilst Unión had managed to pick up a single point in their matchup with Unión La Calera. After today’s result, Palestino and Unión currently occupy 9th and 3rd spots in the league, with 20 points and 29 points respectively after 16 matches.

Palestino started the match well, when Bruno Barticciotto gave Palestino the lead, 15 minutes in, saw out the first half 1-0. Both teams unable to deliver anything further, the score remained at 1-0 at full time.

Substitutions for Palestino included Nicolas Meza and Felipe Chamorro for Bruno Barticciotto and Bryan Carrasco, repectively. Unión brought on Ignacio Jara, Octavio Rivero and Gabriel Norambuena, to replace Augusto Barrios, Gonzalo Espinoza and Luis Alberto Pavez.

The referee booked from Palestino Misael Davila, Bruno Barticciotto, Benjamin Rojas and Daniel Sappa and from Unión Augusto Barrios, Luis Mejia, Victor Mendez, Ignacio Jara and Manuel Fernandez. Both teams also had a sending off, with Cristian Suarez for Palestino and Manuel Fernandez (2 yellow cards) for Unión.

Palestino will next play O’Higgins away, with Unión facing U. Católica at home.

Technical card:
Palestino:Daniel Sappa, Franco Pardo, Cristian Suarez, Benjamin Rojas, Brayan Vejar, Ariel Martinez, Misael Davila, Bryan Carrasco (Felipe Chamorro, min.84), Maximiliano Salas, Bruno Barticciotto (Nicolas Meza, min.73) and Jonathan Benitez
Unión Española:Luis Mejia, Stefano Magnasco, Thomas Galdames, Manuel Fernandez, Luis Alberto Pavez (Gabriel Norambuena, min.78), Augusto Barrios (Ignacio Jara, min.59), Gonzalo Espinoza (Octavio Rivero, min.70), Victor Mendez, Leandro Garate, Bastian Yanez and Rodrigo Pineiro
Stadium:Municipal de La Cisterna
Goals:Bruno Barticciotto (1-0, min. 15)