Palestino 1-4 Everton 4: Visitors rock the Municipal de La Cisterna

Photo Credit: AP

Palestino suffered a home defeat to Everton Viña del Mar on Saturday at Municipal de La Cisterna. Palestino arrived at the match looking to pick up more points, following defeat to Univ de Chile. Everton, meanwhile, had managed to pick up a point in their matchup with Ñublense. Palestino are now in 4th place on the table and have 37 points while Everton sit in 10th with 34 points after 26 matches.

Everton started strong and were rewarded for their efforts, when Sebastian Sosa opened the rout on the 9 minute mark. However, their lead was short-lived, as Bryan Carrasco equalised for Palestino in the 14th minute, finishing the first half 1-1.

Everton continued to pile on the pressure in the second period and were rewarded, when Bryan Carvallo found the net in the 56th minute. Everton looked to have the match under control when they scored again to grab the advantage, thanks to a second effort from Sebastian Sosa in the 60th minute to establish a 3-1. However they weren’t finished yet and Lautaro Pastran made it 4-1 just before the full time to make it 4-1.

Substitutions for Palestino included Andres Vilches, Benjamin Soto and Dilan Salgado for Felipe Chamorro, Nicolas Meza and Vicente Fernandez Godoy, respectively. Everton replaced Adrian Sanchez, Bryan Carvallo, Pedro Sanchez and Sebastian Sosa for John Michael Salas Torres, Diego Oyarzun, Lautaro Pastran and Victor Sosa.

There were bookings for Jose Bizama, Brayan Vejar and Franco Pardo from Palestino, and Adrian Sanchez, for Everton.

Palestino will next travel to Antofagasta, while Everton will face Cobresal at home.

Technical card:
Palestino:Daniel Sappa, Brayan Vejar, Cristian Suarez, Jose Bizama, Vicente Fernandez Godoy (Dilan Salgado, min.81), Bryan Carrasco, Franco Pardo, Nicolas Meza (Benjamin Soto, min.62), Agustin Farias, Felipe Chamorro (Andres Vilches, min.62) and Bruno Barticciotto
Everton Viña del Mar:Fernando De Paul, Julio Barroso, Rodrigo Echeverria, Felipe Campos, Adrian Sanchez (John Michael Salas Torres, min.63), Benjamin Berrios, Alvaro Madrid, Alex Ibacache, Sebastian Sosa (Victor Sosa, min.82), Bryan Carvallo (Diego Oyarzun, min.68) and Pedro Sanchez (Lautaro Pastran, min.68)
Stadium:Municipal de La Cisterna
Goals:Sebastian Sosa (0-1, min. 9), Bryan Carrasco (1-1, min. 14), Bryan Carvallo (1-2, min. 56), Sebastian Sosa (1-3, min. 60) and Lautaro Pastran (1-4, min. 85)