O’Higgins 1-2 Palestino: Slump continues for O’Higgins as they slip to home defeat

Photo Credit: AP

O’Higgins fell to a home defeat at the hands of Palestino at El Teniente on Saturday. O’Higgins were looking forward to meeting again after losing 1-0 to La Serena in their last match. Palestino, on the other hand, were able to continue their winning streak after a 1-0 win against Unión Española in their last match. As the table looks today, O’Higgins are in 10th place in the table and have 21 points while Palestino sit in 7th with 23 points after 17 matches.

Palestino dominated the first half, with an early goal from Jonathan Benitez in the 1st minute. However, their lead was short lived, as Pablo Hernandez equalised for O’Higgins just before halftime, to take a 1-1 lead into half time.

Palestino fought back, when Bruno Barticciotto found the net, 51 minutes in, sealing a 2-1 victory for the home side.

Both teams used all available substitutes. Substitutions for O’Higgins included Gaston Lodico, Matias Marin, Facundo Barcelo and Cristobal Castillo for Diego Fernandez, Francisco Arancibia, Esteban Moreira and Camilo Moya, repectively, Palestino brought on Felipe Chamorro and Franco Pardo, to replace Jonathan Benitez and Bruno Barticciotto.

The referee booked Francisco Arancibia, Camilo Moya, Moises Gonzalez and Pablo Hernandez for O’Higgins.

O’Higgins will next play Huachipato away, with Palestino facing Coquimbo Unido at home.

Technical card:
O’Higgins:Alexis Martin, Fausto Grillo, Moises Gonzalez, Francisco Arancibia (Matias Marin, min.46), Fabian Hormazabal, Diego Fernandez (Gaston Lodico, min.46), Camilo Moya (Cristobal Castillo, min.79), Antonio Diaz, Esteban Moreira (Facundo Barcelo, min.72), Pablo Hernandez and Facundo Castro
Palestino:Daniel Sappa, Benjamin Rojas, Cristian Suarez, Jose Bizama, Brayan Vejar, Ariel Martinez, Misael Davila, Jonathan Benitez (Felipe Chamorro, min.81), Maximiliano Salas, Bruno Barticciotto (Franco Pardo, min.85) and Bryan Carrasco
Stadium:El Teniente
Goals:Jonathan Benitez (0-1, min. 1), Pablo Hernandez (1-1, min. 45) and Bruno Barticciotto (1-2, min. 51)