O’Higgins 2 – Everton 0: Visitors unable to get win at El Teniente

Photo Credit: AP

Everton Viña del Mar experienced an away defeat against O’Higgins at El Teniente on Saturday. O’Higgins were looking forward to playing again after losing their last match 2-0 to Colo Colo. Everton, meanwhile, were looking to extend their winning run after a 3-0 victory against Antofagasta. Following this match, O’Higgins and Everton sit 5th (44 points) and 7th (42 points) in the league respectively, after a total of 30 matches.

It was an impressive opening from O’Higgins, when Matias Marin gave them the lead in the 41st minute. However they weren’t finished yet and Gaston Lodico made it 2-0 just before half-time to see out the first half 2-0. Both teams struggled to produce anything meaningful in the second half, leaving the final score at 2-0.

Substitutions for O’Higgins included Diego Fernandez, Esteban Moreira, Cristobal Castillo and Diego Carrasco for Matias Marin, Facundo Barcelo, Camilo Moya and Antonio Diaz, respectively. Everton brought on Lautaro Pastran, Felipe Campos, Pedro Sanchez and Victor Sosa for Matias Campos, Alvaro Madrid, Alex Ibacache and Bryan Carvallo.

There were bookings for Juan Fuentes, Facundo Castro and Camilo Moya from O’Higgins, and Benjamin Berrios, for Everton.

Technical card:
O’Higgins:Alexis Martin, Juan Fuentes, Brian Torrealba, Fausto Grillo, Antonio Diaz (Diego Carrasco, min.90), Matias Marin (Diego Fernandez, min.73), Gaston Lodico, Camilo Moya (Cristobal Castillo, min.85), Facundo Castro, Facundo Barcelo (Esteban Moreira, min.74) and Matias Donoso
Everton Viña del Mar:Fernando De Paul, Rodrigo Echeverria, Diego Oyarzun, Julio Barroso, Adrian Sanchez, Benjamin Berrios, Alvaro Madrid (Felipe Campos, min.83), Alex Ibacache (Pedro Sanchez, min.83), Matias Campos (Lautaro Pastran, min.62), Sebastian Sosa and Bryan Carvallo (Victor Sosa, min.87)
Stadium:El Teniente
Goals:Matias Marin (1-0, min. 41) and Gaston Lodico (2-0, min. 45)