Ñublense 1-2 Unión: Red Devils upset at home by Unión

Photo Credit: AP

Unión Española snatched all three points from Ñublense in a 2-1 victory on Monday, at Estadio Nelson Oyarzún. Ñublense were looking to continue their run, following a 2-1 victory against Coquimbo Unido. Unión secured a point against Univ de Chile in their previous match. As the table looks today, Ñublense and Unión sit 3rd, (39 points) and 5th, (33 points), in the league respectively, after 22 matches.

Ñublense started strongly in the first half, when Patricio Rubio gave Ñublense the lead at the 30 minute mark. They then managed to see out the first half 1-0.

Unión continued to pile on the pressure in the second and were rewarded, when Jonathan Villagra found the net, 74 minutes in. They then scored again, increasing their advantage thanks to a goal from Leandro Garate, at 76 minutes to make it 2-1.

Substitutions for Ñublense included Felipe Reynero, Rodrigo Antonio Cisterna Arancibia, Branco Provoste and Nicolas Mancilla for Alexander Aravena, Manuel Rivera, Ivan Rozas and Nozomi Kimura, repectively. Unión brought on Gabriel Norambuena, Ignacio Ibanez, Thomas Galdames and Gonzalo Espinoza, to replace Bastian Yanez, Sebastian Leyton, Luis Antonio Pavez and Rodrigo Pineiro.

There were bookings for Manuel Rivera from Ñublense. For Unión, Manuel Fernandez saw yellow.

Ñublense will play their next fixture away against Antofagasta, while Unión will face Audax Italiano at home.

Technical card:
Ñublense:Nicola Perez, Nozomi Kimura (Nicolas Mancilla, min.89), Nicolas Vargas, Rafael Caroca, Fernando Cordero, Ivan Rozas (Branco Provoste, min.83), Manuel Rivera (Rodrigo Antonio Cisterna Arancibia, min.82), Lorenzo Reyes, Matias Moya, Patricio Rubio and Alexander Aravena (Felipe Reynero, min.75)
Unión Española:Luis Mejia, Stefano Magnasco, Manuel Fernandez, Jonathan Villagra, Luis Alberto Pavez, Diego Acevedo, Luis Antonio Pavez (Thomas Galdames, min.87), Sebastian Leyton (Ignacio Ibanez, min.67), Rodrigo Pineiro (Gonzalo Espinoza, min.87), Leandro Garate and Bastian Yanez (Gabriel Norambuena, min.67)
Stadium:Estadio Nelson Oyarzún
Goals:Patricio Rubio (1-0, min. 30), Jonathan Villagra (1-1, min. 74) and Leandro Garate (1-2, min. 76)