La Serena 1-2 Univ de Chile: Visitors at La Portada secure victory

Photo Credit: AP

Univ de Chile eased past La Serena in a 2-1 victory on Sunday at La Portada. Both La Serena and Univ de Chile came from defeats in their previous league games. La Serena were hoping to get something from this game after losing 1-0 to Curicó Unido in their last match, while Univ de Chile lost 3-2 in their against Audax Italiano. La Serena and Univ de Chile are 14th, (24 points) and 13th, (26 points), spots respectively, after 27 matches.

Univ de Chile started the match strongly, when Yonathan Andia gave them the lead just before half-time, finishing the first half 1-0.

La Serena took the lead in the second half, with a goal from Maximiliano Guerrero in the 59th minute. Univ de Chile in turn, then responded just before the full time, grabbing the lead with an effort from Junior Fernandes, leaving the final score at 2-1.

Substitutions for La Serena included Jens Buss, Humberto Suazo, Richard Paredes and Matias Fernandez for Cristobal Jorquera, Federico Andrada, Juan Cavallaro and Matias Cortes, respectively. Univ de Chile replaced Pablo Aranguiz, Junior Fernandes, Jeisson Vargas, Daniel Navarrete and Felipe Seymour with Dario Osorio, Ronnie Fernandez, Lucas Assadi, Jose Ignacio Castro Mena and Felipe Gallegos.

There were bookings for Cristian Erbes from La Serena, and Nery Dominguez, Luis Casanova and Pedro Ojeda, for Univ de Chile.

La Serena will next travel to Palestino, while Univ de Chile will face Everton Viña del Mar at home.

Technical card:
La Serena:Zacarias Lopez, Ariel Caceres, Lucas Alarcon, Enzo Ferrario, Matias Cortes (Matias Fernandez, min.79), Cristobal Jorquera (Jens Buss, min.30), Cristian Erbes, Maximiliano Guerrero, Santiago Dittborn, Juan Cavallaro (Richard Paredes, min.70) and Federico Andrada (Humberto Suazo, min.70)
Univ de Chile:Cristobal Campos, Yonathan Andia, Luis Casanova, Nery Dominguez, Jose Ignacio Castro Mena (Daniel Navarrete, min.77), Felipe Gallegos (Felipe Seymour, min.83), Pedro Ojeda, Lucas Assadi (Jeisson Vargas, min.77), Israel Poblete, Dario Osorio (Pablo Aranguiz, min.66) and Ronnie Fernandez (Junior Fernandes, min.66)
Stadium:La Portada
Goals:Yonathan Andia (0-1, min. 43), Maximiliano Guerrero (1-1, min. 59) and Junior Fernandes (1-2, min. 87)