La Serena 1-0 O’Higgins: La Serena makes it back to back wins with late goal

Photo Credit: AP

La Serena beat O’Higgins with a thumping 1-0 victory on Sunday at La Portada. La Serena were keen to hang onto their position at the top of league and extend their winning run after winning last match while O’Higgins had managed to pick up a single point in their matchup with Everton Viña del Mar. After today’s result, La Serena are in 13th place in the table and have 17 points while O’Higgins sit in 9th with 21 points after 16 matches.

After a goalless first half, La Serena piled on the pressure in the second and were rewarded, when Federico Andrada gave La Serena the lead just before the final whistle so at full time it was 1-0 to La Serena.

Substitutions for La Serena included Federico Andrada, Martin Ramirez, Victor Ramon and Angelo Quinones for Cristobal Jorquera, Santiago Dittborn, Leandro Diaz and Jeison Fuentealba, repectively. O’Higgins brought on Gaston Lodico, Diego Gonzalez Torres, Brian Torrealba, Facundo Barcelo and Francisco Arancibia for Diego Carrasco, Camilo Moya, Antonio Diaz, Esteban Moreira and Facundo Castro.

The referee booked from La Serena Leandro Diaz, Cristobal Jorquera, Humberto Suazo, Jaime Carreno and Zacarias Lopez and from O’Higgins Moises Gonzalez and Fausto Grillo. Both teams also had a sending off, with Ariel Caceres for La Serena and Moises Gonzalez for O’Higgins.

La Serena will next travel to Colo Colo, while O’Higgins will face Palestino at home.

Technical card:
La Serena:Zacarias Lopez, Enzo Ferrario, Rodrigo Brito, Lucas Alarcon, Ariel Caceres, Jaime Carreno, Santiago Dittborn (Martin Ramirez, min.73), Leandro Diaz (Victor Ramon, min.87), Jeison Fuentealba (Angelo Quinones, min.87), Humberto Suazo and Cristobal Jorquera (Federico Andrada, min.68)
O’Higgins:Alexis Martin, Fausto Grillo, Diego Carrasco (Gaston Lodico, min.46), Moises Gonzalez, Fabian Hormazabal, Diego Fernandez, Camilo Moya (Diego Gonzalez Torres, min.64), Antonio Diaz (Brian Torrealba, min.71), Facundo Castro (Francisco Arancibia, min.80), Matias Marin and Esteban Moreira (Facundo Barcelo, min.80)
Stadium:La Portada
Goals:Federico Andrada (1-0, min. 89)