La Serena 3-0 Ñublense: Visitors badly humbled at La Portada

Photo Credit: AP

On Saturday, Ñublense suffer an away defeat to La Serena at La Portada. La Serena arrived at the match looking pick up points, following a previous defeat to Coquimbo Unido. Ñublense were coming from consecutive wins against Cobresal and Univ de Chile. As the table looks today, La Serena are in 13th place, with 20 points from 20 matches, while Ñublense sit in 2nd, with 36 points from 20.

La Serena started strongly in the first half, when Federico Andrada opened the rout, 12 minutes in, finishing the first half 1-0.

La Serena continued to pile on the pressure in the second and were rewarded, when Santiago Dittborn found the net at the 79 minute mark. However they weren’t finished yet and Juan Cavallaro made it 3-0 just before the final whistle with a final score of 3-0.

Substitutions for La Serena included Jens Buss, Richard Paredes, Jaime Carreno, Juan Cavallaro and Bryan Soto for Enzo Ferrario, Federico Andrada, Ariel Caceres, Leandro Diaz and Cristian Erbes, repectively. Ñublense replaced Jovany Campusano, Branco Provoste and Nicolas Guerra for Fernando Cordero, Ivan Rozas and Felipe Reynero.

There were bookings for Luckas Carreno, Richard Paredes and Juan Cavallaro from La Serena, and Nicolas Guerra and Bernardo Cerezo, for Ñublense.

La Serena will next play Cobresal away, with Ñublense facing Coquimbo Unido at home.

Technical card:
La Serena:Zacarias Lopez, Enzo Ferrario (Jens Buss, min.22), Lucas Alarcon, Rodrigo Brito, Leandro Diaz (Juan Cavallaro, min.74), Ariel Caceres (Jaime Carreno, min.65), Cristian Erbes (Bryan Soto, min.74), Luckas Carreno, Santiago Dittborn, Humberto Suazo and Federico Andrada (Richard Paredes, min.62)
Ñublense:Nicola Perez, Bernardo Cerezo, Nicolas Mancilla, Nicolas Vargas, Jovany Campusano (Fernando Cordero, min.45), Lorenzo Reyes, Federico Mateos, Branco Provoste (Ivan Rozas, min.56), Alexander Aravena, Nicolas Guerra (Felipe Reynero, min.69) and Patricio Rubio
Stadium:La Portada
Goals:Federico Andrada (1-0, min. 12), Santiago Dittborn (2-0, min. 79) and Juan Cavallaro (3-0, min. 90)