Huachipato 1 – Everton 1: Points shared with visitors at Estadio Cap

Photo Credit: AP

On Saturday, Huachipato and Everton played out a 1-1 draw at Estadio Cap. Huachipato were looking forward to playing again after losing 2-0 to Cobresal in their last match. Everton were able to continue their winning streak after a 4-0 win against La Serena in their last match. Huachipato are now in 11th place on the table and have 29 points while Everton sit in 9th with 33 points after 24 matches.

Huachipato started strongly in the first half, when Maxi Rodriguez found the net on the 9 minute mark, ending the first half 1-0.

Everton took the lead in the second half, with a goal from Pedro Sanchez in the 72nd minute. The final result, Huachipato 1, Everton 1.

Substitutions for Huachipato included Marcelo Canete, Walter Mazzantti, Carlos Lobos and Antonio Castillo for Cris Martinez, Javier Altamirano, Claudio Sepulveda and Nicolas Baeza, respectively. Everton brought on Victor Sosa, Pedro Sanchez, Alex Ibacache, Cristopher Medina and Cesar Valenzuela, to replace Matias Campos, Sebastian Sosa, John Michael Salas Torres, Adrian Sanchez and Alvaro Madrid.

The referee booked Joaquin Gutierrez and Walter Mazzantti for Huachipato.

Huachipato will next travel to U. Católica, while Everton will face Ñublense at home.

Technical card:
Huachipato:Gabriel Castellon, Joaquin Gutierrez, Osvaldo Gonzalez, Bastian Roco, Nicolas Baeza (Antonio Castillo, min.81), Claudio Sepulveda (Carlos Lobos, min.80), Gonzalo Montes, Javier Altamirano (Walter Mazzantti, min.73), Renzo Malanca, Maxi Rodriguez and Cris Martinez (Marcelo Canete, min.60)
Everton Viña del Mar:Fernando De Paul, Felipe Campos, Julio Barroso, Rodrigo Echeverria, John Michael Salas Torres (Alex Ibacache, min.60), Adrian Sanchez (Cristopher Medina, min.78), Bryan Carvallo, Benjamin Berrios, Alvaro Madrid (Cesar Valenzuela, min.88), Matias Campos (Victor Sosa, min.46) and Sebastian Sosa (Pedro Sanchez, min.60)
Stadium:Estadio Cap
Goals:Maxi Rodriguez (1-0, min. 9) and Pedro Sanchez (1-1, min. 72)