Huachipato 1-0 Antofagasta: Host secure narrow win

Photo Credit: AP

Huachipato eased past Antofagasta in a 1-0 victory on Saturday at Estadio Cap. Huachipato arrived at the match looking to pick up more points after losing 1-0 to U. Católica in their last fixture. Antofagasta, meanwhile, had managed to pick up a point in their matchup with Curicó Unido. Huachipato are currently 12th with 29 points from 26 matches, while Antofagasta sit in 15th, with 23 points from 26.

After an uneventful first half, Huachipato certainly were out of the blocks quickly in the second half, when Joaquin Gutierrez found the net, 52 minutes in, seing the match finish 1-0.

Substitutions for Huachipato included Antonio Castillo, Juan Sanchez, Carlos Lobos and Claudio Torres for Nicolas Baeza, Maxi Rodriguez, Javier Altamirano and Cris Martinez, respectively. Antofagasta replaced Ariel Uribe, Jason Flores, Nicolas Penailillo and Byron Nieto for Bruno Perez, Gabriel Torres, Adrian Cuadra and Andres Souper.

There were bookings for Renzo Malanca and Benjamin Gazzolo from Huachipato, and Juan Cornejo, Byron Nieto and Bruno Perez, for Antofagasta.

Huachipato next face Coquimbo Unido while Antofagasta are at home to Palestino.

Technical card:
Huachipato:Gabriel Castellon, Renzo Malanca, Osvaldo Gonzalez, Benjamin Gazzolo, Joaquin Gutierrez, Javier Altamirano (Carlos Lobos, min.84), Claudio Sepulveda, Gonzalo Montes, Nicolas Baeza (Antonio Castillo, min.79), Maxi Rodriguez (Juan Sanchez, min.79) and Cris Martinez (Claudio Torres, min.90)
Antofagasta:Diego Sanchez, Rodrigo Astorga, Federico Bravo, Byron Nieto (Andres Souper, min.79), Juan Cornejo, Nicolas Penailillo (Adrian Cuadra, min.67), Diego Orellana, Salvador Cordero, Jason Flores (Gabriel Torres, min.61), Ariel Uribe (Bruno Perez, min.61) and Tobias Figueroa
Stadium:Estadio Cap
Goals:Joaquin Gutierrez (1-0, min. 52)