Everton 1-1 Ñublense: Home advantage cancelled out by visitors

Photo Credit: AP

Everton were helde ach other to a 1-1 draw by Ñublense on Thursday at Sausalito. Everton arrived with the intention of improving their league position following a disappointing 1-1 draw with Huachipato in their previous game. Ñublense were looking to extend their winning run after a 2-0 victory against Palestino. Everton and Ñublense currently occupy 9th and 3rd spots in the league, with 33 points and 42 points respectively after 25 matches.

After a goalless first half, whatever was said in the dressing room at half time, seemed to have a positive effect on Everton who started the second half strongly, when Pedro Sanchez gave them the lead in the 55th minute. In the end though, their lead was short-lived, as Nicolas Vargas equalised for Ñublense in the 68th minute, leaving the final score at 1-1.

Substitutions for Everton included Cristopher Medina, Lautaro Pastran, Sebastian Sosa and Janner Corozo for Benjamin Berrios, John Michael Salas Torres, Victor Sosa and Pedro Sanchez, respectively. Ñublense replaced Manuel Rivera, Mathias Pinto, Alexander Aravena and Branco Provoste with Rodrigo Antonio Cisterna Arancibia, Matias Moya, Patricio Rubio and Nicolas Guerra.

There were bookings for Benjamin Berrios, Pedro Sanchez, Julio Barroso and Felipe Campos from Everton, and Nicolas Vargas and Enzo Guerrero, for Ñublense.

Everton will next travel to Palestino, while Ñublense will face O’Higgins at home.

Technical card:
Everton Viña del Mar:Fernando De Paul, Julio Barroso, Felipe Campos, Rodrigo Echeverria, Adrian Sanchez, Benjamin Berrios (Cristopher Medina, min.69), Alvaro Madrid, John Michael Salas Torres (Lautaro Pastran, min.69), Victor Sosa (Sebastian Sosa, min.74), Bryan Carvallo and Pedro Sanchez (Janner Corozo, min.87)
Ñublense:Nicola Perez, Enzo Guerrero, Nicolas Vargas, Rafael Caroca, Jovany Campusano, Rodrigo Antonio Cisterna Arancibia (Manuel Rivera, min.63), Lorenzo Reyes, Federico Mateos, Nicolas Guerra (Branco Provoste, min.89), Matias Moya (Mathias Pinto, min.79) and Patricio Rubio (Alexander Aravena, min.79)
Goals:Pedro Sanchez (1-0, min. 55) and Nicolas Vargas (1-1, min. 68)