Coquimbo 0 – O’Higgins 1: Visitors ecstatic after win at Francisco Sánchez Rumoroso

Photo Credit: AP

Coquimbo on Sunday lost to O’Higgins on a home defeat at Francisco Sánchez Rumoroso. Coquimbo were looking to continue their run, following a 3-1 victory against Cobresal. O’Higgins, on the other hand, were unable to beat U. Católica in a 2-2 draw. As the table looks today, Coquimbo are in 16th place in the table and have 19 points while O’Higgins sit in 10th with 29 points after 23 matches.

Following a goalless first half, O’Higgins continued to apply pressure in the second and were rewarded, when Pablo Hernandez gave O’Higgins the lead just before the final whistle. The match ended with a 1-0 victory for the visitors.

Both coaches used all available substitutions. Substitutions for Coquimbo included Luis Cabrera, Nicolas Gauna and Felipe Barrientos for Jorge Gatica, Fabian Carmona and Joe Abrigo, repectively, O’Higgins brought on Esteban Moreira, Sebastian Ubilla and Juan Fuentes, to replace Matias Donoso, Matias Marin and Camilo Moya.

There were bookings for Jorge Gatica, Joe Abrigo and Gerardo Gordillo from Coquimbo, and Camilo Moya and Diego Carrasco, for O’Higgins.

Coquimbo will next travel to Univ de Chile, while O’Higgins will face Antofagasta at home.

Technical card:
Coquimbo Unido:Guillermo Orellana, Dylan Escobar, Federico Pereyra, Gerardo Gordillo, Nicolas Berardo, Ruben Farfan, Sebastian Galani, Jorge Gatica (Luis Cabrera, min.44), Fabian Carmona (Nicolas Gauna, min.61), Ignacio Jeraldino and Joe Abrigo (Felipe Barrientos, min.67)
O’Higgins:Alexis Martin, Fabian Hormazabal, Diego Gonzalez Torres, Fausto Grillo, Diego Carrasco, Pablo Hernandez, Matias Marin (Sebastian Ubilla, min.72), Camilo Moya (Juan Fuentes, min.90), Gaston Lodico, Facundo Barcelo and Matias Donoso (Esteban Moreira, min.62)
Stadium:Francisco Sánchez Rumoroso
Goals:Pablo Hernandez (0-1, min. 90)