Audax Italiano 0 – Unión La Calera 2: Visitors at Estadio Municipal de La Florida secure victory

Photo Credit: AP

Audax Italiano on home loss to Unión La Calera at Estadio Municipal de La Florida on Monday. Both sides arrived on the back of wins. Audax Italiano had been hopeful of continuing their good run after winning their previous two matches against Univ de Chile away and Coquimbo Unido away, by 3-2 and 1-0 respectively. Unión La Calera were looking to extend their winning run after a 2-0 victory against Coquimbo Unido. Audax Italiano are now in 4th place, with 40 points from 27 matches, while Unión La Calera sit in 11th, with 33 points from 27.

The first half of the match started well for Unión La Calera, when Lucas Passerini gave them the lead just before half-time and saw the first half out 1-0.

Unión La Calera continued to apply pressure in the second period and were rewarded, when Matias Cavalleri found the net just before the full time, seing the match finish 2-0.

Substitutions for Audax Italiano included Raul Osorio, Gonzalo Alvarez, German Estigarribia, Ignacio Colombini and Bryan Figueroa for Pablo Alvarado, Diego Torres, Matias Sepulveda, Michael Fuentes and Osvaldo Bosso, respectively. Unión La Calera brought on Matias Cavalleri, Martin Villarroel, Thomas Rodriguez and Sebastian Pereira, to replace Gonzalo Castellani, Cesar Perez, Sebastian Saez and Henry Sanhueza.

There were bookings for Matias Sepulveda, Carlos Labrin and Osvaldo Bosso from Audax Italiano. For Unión La Calera, Henry Sanhueza saw yellow.

Unión La Calera and Audax Italiano will next play at home to U. Católica and Curicó Unido respectively.

Technical card:
Audax Italiano:Tomas Ahumada, Fabian Torres, Carlos Labrin, Pablo Alvarado (Raul Osorio, min.46), Nicolas Fernandez, Matias Sepulveda (German Estigarribia, min.62), Jorge Henriquez, Osvaldo Bosso (Bryan Figueroa, min.90), Diego Torres (Gonzalo Alvarez, min.46), Luis Riveros and Michael Fuentes (Ignacio Colombini, min.77)
Unión La Calera:Ignacio Arce, Cristian Vilches, Henry Sanhueza (Sebastian Pereira, min.85), Santiago Garcia, Simon Ramirez, Cesar Perez (Martin Villarroel, min.71), Gonzalo Castellani (Matias Cavalleri, min.64), Williams Alarcon, Nicolas Orellana, Lucas Passerini and Sebastian Saez (Thomas Rodriguez, min.85)
Stadium:Estadio Municipal de La Florida
Goals:Lucas Passerini (0-1, min. 45) and Matias Cavalleri (0-2, min. 90)