Antofagasta 1 – Ñublense 0: Visitors to Regional de Antofagasta leave with nothing

Photo Credit: AP

Antofagasta enjoyed a mesmerising home victory against Ñublense at Regional de Antofagasta on Sunday. Antofagasta were looking for a victory following a disappointing 1-1 draw with Unión La Calera in their previous game. Ñublense were beaten 2-1 in the previous match against Unión Española. As the table looks today, Antofagasta are in 13th place, with 22 points from 23 matches, while Ñublense sit in 3rd, with 39 points from 23.

After a goalless first half, Antofagasta applied pressure in the second and were rewarded, with a goal from Tobias Figueroa in the 82nd minute, leaving the final score at 1-0.

Substitutions for Antofagasta included Ariel Uribe, Byron Nieto, Andres Souper, Jason Flores and Cristian Diaz for Gabriel Torres, Adrian Cuadra, Camilo Rodriguez, Diego Orellana Riffo and Tobias Figueroa, repectively. Ñublense brought on Ivan Rozas, Nozomi Kimura, Nicolas Guerra, Fernando Cordero and Felipe Reynero for Manuel Rivera, Alexander Aravena, Matias Moya, Jovany Campusano and Fernando Cordero.

There were bookings for Salvador Cordero and Camilo Rodriguez from Antofagasta, and Lorenzo Reyes, for Ñublense.

Antofagasta will play away against O’Higgins, while Ñublense will face Palestino at home.

Technical card:
Antofagasta:Diego Sanchez, Camilo Rodriguez (Andres Souper, min.67), Federico Bravo, Juan Cornejo, Nicolas Penailillo, Adrian Cuadra (Byron Nieto, min.60), Diego Orellana Riffo (Jason Flores, min.78), Salvador Cordero, Rodrigo Astorga, Gabriel Torres (Ariel Uribe, min.60) and Tobias Figueroa (Cristian Diaz, min.90)
Ñublense:Nicola Perez, Bernardo Cerezo, Rafael Caroca, Nicolas Vargas, Jovany Campusano (Fernando Cordero, min.72), Manuel Rivera (Ivan Rozas, min.46), Lorenzo Reyes, Federico Mateos, Patricio Rubio, Alexander Aravena (Nozomi Kimura, min.46) and Matias Moya (Nicolas Guerra, min.63)
Stadium:Regional de Antofagasta
Goals:Tobias Figueroa (1-0, min. 82)