Montpellier 2-0 Ajaccio: Welcome victory for La Paillade against L’ours

Photo Credit: AP

AC Ajaccio on away loss to Montpellier at the Stade de la Mosson on Wednesday. Montpellier were looking to pick up points after winning last match. Ajaccio were beaten 3-1 in their previous match against Lille. Montpellier and Ajaccio sit 5th, (9 points) and 20th, (1 point), spots respectively, after 5 matches.

It was an impressive opening from La Paillade, thanks to a goal from Arnaud Nordin, 28 minutes in and managed to see out the first half 1-0.

Montpellier continued to pile on the pressure in the second period and were rewarded, with a goal from Sepe Elye Wahi, 77 minutes in, leaving the final score at 2-0.

Substitutions for Montpellier included Mamadou Sakho, Matis Carvalho, Leo Leroy, Enzo Tchato and Arnaud Souquet for Theo Sainte-Luce, Valere Germain, Jordan Ferri, Falaye Sacko and Faitout Maouassa, respectively. Ajaccio brought on Riad Nouri, Bevic Moussiti-Oko, Mathieu Coutadeur, Yoann Touzghar and Yanis Cimignani, to replace Cyrille Bayala, Jean Botue, Vincent Marchetti, Kevin Spadanuda and Mohamed Youssouf.

Montpellier and Ajaccio played a tough match where the referee sanctioned Montpellier with yellow cards to Jordan Ferri and Falaye Sacko and with red card to Jonas Omlin, while from Ajaccio Romain Hamouma, Mickael Alphonse and Kevin Spadanuda were booked and red to Romain Hamouma (2 yellow cards).

Montpellier next face Lille while Ajaccio are at home to FC Lorient.

Technical card:
Montpellier:Jonas Omlin, Falaye Sacko (Enzo Tchato, min.67), Nicolas Cozza, Maxime Esteve, Theo Sainte-Luce (Mamadou Sakho, min.8), Arnaud Nordin, Valere Germain (Matis Carvalho, min.45), Joris Chotard, Jordan Ferri (Leo Leroy, min.67), Faitout Maouassa (Arnaud Souquet, min.67) and Sepe Elye Wahi
AC Ajaccio:Benjamin Leroy, Mickael Alphonse, Oumar Gonzalez, Clement Vidal, Mohamed Youssouf (Yanis Cimignani, min.79), Cyrille Bayala (Riad Nouri, min.59), Qazim Laci, Vincent Marchetti (Mathieu Coutadeur, min.63), Kevin Spadanuda (Yoann Touzghar, min.79), Romain Hamouma and Jean Botue (Bevic Moussiti-Oko, min.62)
Stadium:the Stade de la Mosson
Goals:Arnaud Nordin (1-0, min. 28) and Sepe Elye Wahi (2-0, min. 77)