Juventude 0-1 Coritiba: More struggles for Juve at the bottom of the table

Photo Credit: AP

Juve on Thursday lost to Coritiba on a home defeat at Alfredo Jaconi. Both teams came from defeats in their previous league games. Juve were looking to get back to winning ways after losing 1-0 to Atl. Mineiro in their previous fixture whilst Coritiba were beaten 3-1 in their previous match against Fortaleza EC. Juve and Coritiba currently occupy 20th and 15th spots in the league, with 21 points and 38 points respectively after 35 matches.

After an uneventful first half, Coritiba continued to pile on the pressure in the second period and were rewarded, thanks to a goal from Regis just before the final whistle. The match ended with a 1-0 victory for the visitors.

Substitutions for Juve included Paulo Miranda, Vitor Gabriel, Marlon, Rafael Rech and Ruan Pereira Duarte for Vitor Mendes, Jean Irmer, Chico, Isidro Pitta and Capixaba, respectively. Coritiba replaced Leo Gamalho, Fabricio Daniel, Regis and Egidio with Cadorini, Robinho, Rafael Santos and Matias Galarza.

There were bookings for Capixaba, Thalisson Da Silva and Jadson from Juve, and Luciano Castan, Alef Manga, Leo Gamalho, Robinho and Regis, for Coritiba.

Juve will next travel to Goiás EC, while Coritiba will face Flamengo at home.

Technical card:
Juventude:Cesar Augusto, Paulo Henrique, Jean Irmer (Vitor Gabriel, min.67), Thalisson Da Silva, Rodrigo, Capixaba (Ruan Pereira Duarte, min.90), Vitor Mendes (Paulo Miranda, min.46), Jadson, Elton, Chico (Marlon, min.74) and Isidro Pitta (Rafael Rech, min.89)
Coritiba:Gabriel, Natanael, Jhon Chancellor, Luciano Castan, Rafael Santos (Regis, min.80), Matias Galarza (Egidio, min.80), Bruno Gomes, Robinho (Fabricio Daniel, min.68), Jesus Trindade, Alef Manga and Cadorini (Leo Gamalho, min.57)
Stadium:Alfredo Jaconi
Goals:Regis (0-1, min. 90)