Ceará 4 – Juve 1: Bad day for visitors at Estadio Castelao

Photo Credit: AP

Ceará see Juventude off 4-1 on Sunday at Estadio Castelao. Following this match, Ceará are now in 19th place on the table and have 34 points while Juve sit in 20th with 22 points after 38 matches.

Ceará started strong and were rewarded for their efforts, when Cleber Bomfim opened the rout, at 23 minutes. However they weren’t finished yet and Vitor Mendes made it 2-0 just before half-time, ending the first half 2-0.

Juve started the second half with renewed vigour, with a goal from Guilherme Parede in the 52nd minute. However, Ceará increased their advantage 3-1 thanks to a goal from Fernando Sobral in the 70th minute. However they weren’t finished yet and Erick made it 4-1 just before the full time to give a final score of 4-1.

Substitutions for Ceará included Caio Rafael, Gabriel Lacerda, Daniel Mazerochi, Wendell and David for Richardson, Marcos Victor Ferreira da Silva, Cleber Bomfim, Leo Rafael and Geovane, respectively. Juve replaced Guilherme Parede, Da Rocha, Kelvin Chiesa Gomes, Lucas Ramires and Guilherme Gehring with Ruan Pereira Duarte, Para, Dudu, Thalisson Da Silva and Gabriel Tota.

There were bookings for Richardson, Marcos Victor Ferreira da Silva, Cleber Bomfim and Erick from Ceará. For Juve, Para, Moraes, Guilherme Parede and Lucas Ramires saw yellow.

Technical card:
Ceará:Richard, Buiu, Marcos Victor Ferreira da Silva (Gabriel Lacerda, min.58), David Ricardo, Bruno Pacheco, Leo Rafael (Wendell, min.80), Richardson (Caio Rafael, min.58), Geovane (David, min.80), Fernando Sobral, Cleber Bomfim (Daniel Mazerochi, min.67) and Erick
Juventude:Jose Guilherme Guidolin Pegorari, Dudu (Kelvin Chiesa Gomes, min.50), Thalisson Da Silva (Lucas Ramires, min.65), Vitor Mendes, Rodrigo, Ruan Pereira Duarte (Guilherme Parede, min.49), Gabriel Tota (Guilherme Gehring, min.86), Yuri Lima, Moraes, Para (Da Rocha, min.50) and Vitor Gabriel
Stadium:Estadio Castelao
Goals:Cleber Bomfim (1-0, min. 23), Vitor Mendes (2-0, min. 45), Guilherme Parede (2-1, min. 52), Fernando Sobral (3-1, min. 70) and Erick (4-1, min. 89)