Avai 0-1 Internacional: Pedro Henrique secures the win for The Red

Photo Credit: AP

Internacional’s 1-0 win over Avai on Tuesday, was hard fought at Estadio da Ressacada. Avai wanted to continue adding points after a 1-1 draw against Goiás EC. Internacional, on the other hand, were coming from a 3-0 win against Fluminense. As the table looks today, Avai are in 17th place, with 23 points from 23 matches, while Internacional sit in 6th, with 36 points from 23.

After an uneventful first half, Internacional continued to pile on the pressure in the second and were rewarded, when Pedro Henrique found the net just before the final whistle. When the final wisthle blew, the result was 1-0 to Internacional.

Substitutions for Avai included Thales, Pablo Dyego, Lucas Silva, Jean Pyerre and Matheus Galdezani for Kevin, Paolo Guerrero, Muriqui, Eduardo Biasi and Bruno Silva, repectively. Internacional brought on Pedro Henrique, Alan Patrick, Edenilson, Liziero and Braian Romero, to replace Wanderson, Mauricio, Johnny, Carlos De Pena and Alemao.

There were bookings for Eduardo Biasi, Kevin, Bressan, Bissoli and Raniele from Avai. For Internacional, Fabricio Bustos saw yellow.

Avai will next play Coritiba away, with Internacional facing Juventude at home.

Technical card:
Avai:Vladimir, Kevin (Thales, min.46), Rafael Vaz, Bressan, Bruno Cortez, Raniele, Eduardo Biasi (Jean Pyerre, min.73), Bruno Silva (Matheus Galdezani, min.89), Muriqui (Lucas Silva, min.61), Paolo Guerrero (Pablo Dyego, min.60) and Bissoli
Internacional:Keiller, Fabricio Bustos, Vitao, Gabriel Mercado, Rene, Mauricio (Alan Patrick, min.68), Carlos De Pena (Liziero, min.81), Gabriel, Johnny (Edenilson, min.72), Wanderson (Pedro Henrique, min.68) and Alemao (Braian Romero, min.81)
Stadium:Estadio da Ressacada
Goals:Pedro Henrique (0-1, min. 90)