Avaí 3-2 Fortaleza: Avaí find winning touch in five-goal thriller

Photo Credit: AP

Fortaleza EC on away loss to Avaí at Estadio da Ressacada on Friday. Avaí were looking to pick up points, following a 1-0 victory against Botafogo. Fortaleza secured a point against Athletico Paranaense in their previous match. As the table looks today, Avaí and Fortaleza sit 7th, (17 points) and 20th, (7 points), in the table respectively, after 12 matches.

Avaí started the match well, thanks to a goal from Muriqui, 33 minutes in. Avaí looked to have the match under control when they scored again and increased their lead, thanks to a goal from Bissoli, 40 minutes in to establish a 2-0. However, Fortaleza just before halftime hit back though with a Robson goal, which saw the first half end 2-1.

Fortaleza took the lead in the second half, when Moises Vieira da Veiga found the net, 65 minutes in. In the end though, Avaí at the 70 minute mark took the victory following another Bissoli goal and saw the match end 3-2.

Substitutions for Avaí included Renato, Vinicius Leite Silva, Morato, Jonathan Copete and Rafael Vaz for Muriqui, Lucas Ventura, Bissoli, William Pottker and Matheus Galdezani, repectively. Fortaleza brought on Lucas Crispim, Brayan Ceballos, Ronald, Silvio Romero and Igor Torres, to replace Matheus Jussa, Anthony Landazuri, Hercules Pereira Do Nascimento, Lucas Lima and Moises Vieira da Veiga.

There were bookings for Renato from Avaí, and Jose Welison, Robson and Marcelo Boeck, for Fortaleza.

Avaí will next travel to Fluminense, while Fortaleza will face America Mineiro at home.

Technical card:
Avaí:Vladimir, Kevin, Bressan, Arthur Chaves, Bruno Cortez, Lucas Ventura (Vinicius Leite Silva, min.66), Matheus Galdezani (Rafael Vaz, min.79), Jean Cleber, Muriqui (Renato, min.46), Bissoli (Morato, min.76) and William Pottker (Jonathan Copete, min.76)
Fortaleza EC:Marcelo Boeck, Anthony Landazuri (Brayan Ceballos, min.46), Marcelo Benevenuto, Titi, Juninho Capixaba, Hercules Pereira Do Nascimento (Ronald, min.60), Jose Welison, Matheus Jussa (Lucas Crispim, min.46), Lucas Lima (Silvio Romero, min.78), Moises Vieira da Veiga (Igor Torres, min.85) and Robson
Stadium:Estadio da Ressacada
Goals:Muriqui (1-0, min. 33), Bissoli (2-0, min. 40), Robson (2-1, min. 44), Moises Vieira da Veiga (2-2, min. 65) and Bissoli (3-2, min. 70)