Cruz Azul 2 – Querétaro 1: Home victory for La Máquina against Los Gallos Blancos

Photo Credit: AP

Cruz Azul’s 2-1 win over Querétaro on Sunday, was hard fought at Estadio Azteca. With each team arriving on the back of a league defeat, they were both keen to pick up points. Cruz Azul were looking to get back their winning ways after losing their last match 7-0 to América. Querétaro lost 1-0 in the last match they played against América. As the table looks today, Cruz Azul are in 13th place, with 11 points from 11 matches, while Querétaro sit in 18th, with 7 points from 11.

La Máquina started strongly in the first half, when Carlos Rotondi gave Cruz Azul the lead at the 33 minute mark to see out the first half 1-0.

Los Gallos Blancos took the lead in the second half, when Clifford Aboagye found the net, 77 minutes in. In the end though, Cruz Azul, at 83 minutes took the victory following a Christian Tabo goal and saw the match end 2-1.

Substitutions for Cruz Azul included Ivan Morales, Rafael Guerrero, Erik Lira, Alonso Escoboza and Christian Tabo for Michael Estrada, Juan Escobar, Uriel Antuna, Carlos Rotondi and Gonzalo Carneiro, repectively. Querétaro brought on Clifford Aboagye, Juan Romagnoli, Ariel Nahuelpan, Raul Torres and David Barbona for Rodrigo Lopez, Leonardo Sequeira, Jose Angulo, Omar Mendoza and Pablo Barrera.

The referee booked eight players. Michael Estrada, Gonzalo Carneiro, Carlos Rotondi, Carlos Rodriguez and Jose de Jesus Corona from Cruz Azul, who saw yellow cards and Ivan Morales, sent off with a red, as well as for Querétaro Leonardo Sequeira and Washington Aguerre received yellows.

Querétaro and Cruz Azul will next play away to Deportivo Toluca and Juárez respectively.

Technical card:
Cruz Azul:Jose de Jesus Corona, Juan Escobar (Rafael Guerrero, min.53), Julio Cesar Dominguez, Jaiber Jimenez, Jose Martinez, Carlos Rodriguez, Ignacio Rivero, Carlos Rotondi (Alonso Escoboza, min.69), Michael Estrada (Ivan Morales, min.46), Uriel Antuna (Erik Lira, min.69) and Gonzalo Carneiro (Christian Tabo, min.69)
Querétaro:Washington Aguerre, Omar Mendoza (Raul Torres, min.66), Jordan Silva, Rafael Fernandez, Gabriel Rojas, Leonardo Sequeira (Juan Romagnoli, min.55), Rodrigo Lopez (Clifford Aboagye, min.55), Jorge Hernandez, Pablo Barrera (David Barbona, min.79), Angel Sepulveda and Jose Angulo (Ariel Nahuelpan, min.55)
Stadium:Estadio Azteca
Goals:Carlos Rotondi (1-0, min. 33), Clifford Aboagye (1-1, min. 77) and Christian Tabo (2-1, min. 83)