Everton Viña del Mar 0-0 O’Higgins: Tense stalemate at Sausalito

Photo Credit: AP

Everton Viña del Mar were held to 0-0 draw by O’Higgins down on Tuesday at Sausalito. With both teams drawing in their previous fixtures, they were keen to pick up points. Everton Viña del Mar arrived with the intention of increasing their league score following a disappointing 2-2 draw with Antofagasta in their previous game. O’Higgins were unable to beat Colo Colo in a 1-1 draw. As things stand, Everton Viña del Mar and O’Higgins are 8th, (20 points) and 7th, (21 points), in the league respectively, after 15 matches.

Substitutions for Everton Viña del Mar included Felipe Campos, Pedro Pablo Campos Olavarria, Victor Sosa and John Michael Salas Torres for Julio Barroso, Lautaro Pastran, Cristian Riquelme and Cristopher Medina, repectively. O’Higgins brought on Diego Fernandez, Matias Marin, Carlos Munoz and Brian Torrealba for Esteban Moreira, Gaston Lodico, Facundo Barcelo and Diego Carrasco.

The referee booked Alvaro Madrid from Everton Viña del Mar and Alvaro Madrid (2 yellow cards) went off with a red card, while O’Higgins’ Antonio Diaz also received a yellow.

Everton Viña del Mar will next play Colo Colo at home, with O’Higgins facing La Serena away.

Technical card:
Everton Viña del Mar:Franco Torgnascioli, Rodrigo Echeverria, Diego Oyarzun, Julio Barroso (Felipe Campos, min.28), Cristopher Medina (John Michael Salas Torres, min.77), Adrian Sanchez, Alvaro Madrid, Cristian Riquelme (Victor Sosa, min.66), Lautaro Pastran (Pedro Pablo Campos Olavarria, min.46), Matias Campos and Juan Ezequiel Cuevas
O’Higgins:Luis Ureta, Diego Carrasco (Brian Torrealba, min.89), Fausto Grillo, Moises Gonzalez, Antonio Diaz, Gaston Lodico (Matias Marin, min.84), Pablo Hernandez, Facundo Barcelo (Carlos Munoz, min.84), Sebastian Ubilla, Esteban Moreira (Diego Fernandez, min.70) and Facundo Castro