Cobresal 2 – Unión 0: Visitors no match for Cobresal

Photo Credit: AP

Cobresal banked all three points against the Unión Española in a 2-0 victory on Monday, at El Cobre, El Salvador. Both sides arrived at the match with previous defeats in the league. Cobresal were looking to get back to winning ways after losing 2-0 to Colo Colo in their last match while Unión had lost their previous match against La Serena. Cobresal and Unión currently occupy 10th and 9th spots in the league, with 35 points and 36 points respectively after 26 matches.

Cobresal started strong and were rewarded for their efforts, when Cesar Munder gave them the lead, 36 minutes in, finishing the first half 1-0.

Cobresal once more applied the pressure in the second period and were rewarded, thanks to a goal from Gaston Lezcano, at 82 minutes. They managed to close the match out with a clean sheet and a well-earned of 2-0 victory.

Substitutions for Cobresal included Ivan Contreras, Ivan Villalba, Pablo Cardenas and Benjamin Osses for Cristopher Mesias, Gaston Lezcano, Alejandro Camargo and Cesar Munder, respectively. Unión brought on Ignacio Jara, Bastian Yanez, Benjamin Galdames and Leandro Garate, to replace Rodrigo Pineiro, Ignacio Ibanez, Sebastian Leyton and Diego Acevedo.

There were bookings for Guillermo Pacheco from Cobresal, and Thomas Galdames, for Unión.

Cobresal will next travel to Everton Viña del Mar, while Unión will face O’Higgins at home.

Technical card:
Cobresal:Leandro Requena, Guillermo Pacheco, Diego Cespedes, Francisco Alarcon, Marcelo Jorquera, Cristopher Mesias (Ivan Contreras, min.71), Nelson Sepulveda, Alejandro Camargo (Pablo Cardenas, min.90), Cesar Munder (Benjamin Osses, min.90), Gaston Lezcano (Ivan Villalba, min.85) and Cecilio Waterman
Unión Española:Miguel Pinto, Stefano Magnasco, Manuel Fernandez, Thomas Galdames, Mario Larenas, Felipe Massri, Diego Acevedo (Leandro Garate, min.83), Sebastian Leyton (Benjamin Galdames, min.57), Ignacio Ibanez (Bastian Yanez, min.46), Octavio Rivero and Rodrigo Pineiro (Ignacio Jara, min.46)
Stadium:El Cobre, El Salvador
Goals:Cesar Munder (1-0, min. 36) and Gaston Lezcano (2-0, min. 82)