Audax Italiano 2-1 O’Higgins: Second half strikes give hosts the victory

Photo Credit: AP

Audax Italiano enjoyed a mesmerising home victory against O’Higgins at Estadio Municipal de La Florida on Monday. Both Audax Italiano and O’Higgins arrived in good form, having secured victories in their previous matches. Audax Italiano were keen to hang onto their position at the top of league and extend their winning run after winning last match. O’Higgins were coming from consecutive wins against Univ de Chile and Huachipato. At the moment, Audax Italiano and O’Higgins sit 11th, (23 points) and 8th, (27 points), spots respectively, after 20 matches.

After an uneventful first half, Audax Italiano applied pressure in the second and were rewarded, when Michael Fuentes gave Audax Italiano the lead in the 64th minute. However, they were unable to maintain their lead, Facundo Barcelo managed to equalize and take the sides off at the 71 minute mark at 1-1. Audax Italiano in turn, then responded in the 84th minute increasing their lead with an effort from Ignacio Colombini. The final result, Audax Italiano 2, O’Higgins 1.

Substitutions for Audax Italiano included Tomas Andrade, Ignacio Colombini, German Estigarribia and Marlon Carrasco for Gonzalo Alvarez, Luis Riveros, Michael Fuentes and Matias Sepulveda, repectively. O’Higgins brought on Fabian Hormazabal, Cristobal Castillo, Esteban Moreira, Gaston Lodico and Diego Gonzalez Torres, to replace Moises Gonzalez, Diego Fernandez, Brian Torrealba, Matias Marin and Juan Fuentes.

The referee booked Luis Riveros and Tomas Andrade from Audax Italiano. O’Higgins had the worst of it though, with Fausto Grillo and Moises Gonzalez seeing yellow, and Pablo Hernandez then sent off with a red.

Audax Italiano will play away against Palestino, while O’Higgins will face Curicó Unido at home.

Technical card:
Audax Italiano:Tomas Ahumada, Raul Osorio, Fabian Torres, Carlos Labrin, Nicolas Fernandez, Gonzalo Alvarez (Tomas Andrade, min.77), Osvaldo Bosso, Matias Sepulveda (Marlon Carrasco, min.89), Diego Torres, Michael Fuentes (German Estigarribia, min.83) and Luis Riveros (Ignacio Colombini, min.83)
O’Higgins:Alexis Martin, Moises Gonzalez (Fabian Hormazabal, min.60), Juan Fuentes (Diego Gonzalez Torres, min.81), Brian Torrealba (Esteban Moreira, min.69), Matias Marin (Gaston Lodico, min.81), Antonio Diaz, Diego Fernandez (Cristobal Castillo, min.60), Pablo Hernandez, Facundo Barcelo, Fausto Grillo and Matias Donoso
Stadium:Estadio Municipal de La Florida
Goals:Michael Fuentes (1-0, min. 64), Facundo Barcelo (1-1, min. 71) and Ignacio Colombini (2-1, min. 84)