Antofagasta 1-2 Univ de Chile: Honours even as Antofagasta find a late equaliser

Photo Credit: AP

On Sunday, Antofagasta and Univ de Chile were held to a 1-1 draw at Regional de Antofagasta. Antofagasta were looking to improve their position in the division after losing their last match 2-1 to Cobresal. Univ de Chile, on the other hand, were coming from a 2-1 win against Unión La Calera. As the table looks today, Antofagasta are in 16th place in the table and have 12 points while Univ de Chile sit in 10th with 21 points after 17 matches.

After an uneventful first half, Univ de Chile fought back the second half, thanks to a goal from Junior Fernandes in the 63rd minute. In the end though, their celebrations were kept brief, as Gabriel Torres equalised for Antofagasta just before the final whistle and saw the match end 1-1.

Substitutions for Antofagasta included Gabriel Torres, Marco Collao, Jason Flores, Brayan Hurtado and Byron Nieto for Ivan Ledezma, Brandon Estay, Maykol Sanchez, Paulo Magalhaes and Camilo Rodriguez, repectively. Univ de Chile brought on Lucas Assadi and Daniel Navarrete, to replace Dario Osorio and Marcelo Morales.

There were bookings for Ivan Ledezma, Paulo Magalhaes, Diego Orellana Riffo and Salvador Cordero from Antofagasta. For Univ de Chile, Dario Osorio and Ronnie Fernandez saw yellow.

Antofagasta will next play La Serena away, with Univ de Chile facing Ñublense at home.

Technical card:
Antofagasta:Diego Sanchez, Camilo Rodriguez (Byron Nieto, min.77), Federico Bravo, Juan Cornejo, Salvador Cordero, Paulo Magalhaes (Brayan Hurtado, min.66), Diego Orellana Riffo, Brandon Estay (Marco Collao, min.46), Maykol Sanchez (Jason Flores, min.61), Manuel Lopez and Ivan Ledezma (Gabriel Torres, min.46)
Univ de Chile:Cristobal Campos, Yonathan Andia, Nery Dominguez, Bastian Tapia, Marcelo Morales (Daniel Navarrete, min.90), Israel Poblete, Pedro Ojeda, Mauricio Morales, Dario Osorio (Lucas Assadi, min.75), Ronnie Fernandez and Junior Fernandes
Stadium:Regional de Antofagasta
Goals:Junior Fernandes (0-1, min. 63) and Gabriel Torres (1-1, min. 88)