Bragantino 2-1 Fortaleza: Novaes pops up with late winner for Bragantino

Photo Credit: AP

Fortaleza EC on away loss to Bragantino at Stadium Nabi Abi Chedid (nabizao) on Thursday. Both Bragantino and Fortaleza arrived on the back of wins. Bragantino were looking to pick up points after winning their previous two games against America Mineiro away and Avai at home, by 3-0 and 4-0 respectively. Fortaleza, on the other hand, were able to continue their winning streak after a 1-0 win against Atlético Goianense in their last match. After today’s result, Bragantino and Fortaleza sit 8th, (24 points) and 19th, (14 points), in the league respectively, after 18 matches.

Bragantino started strong and were rewarded for their efforts, thanks to a goal from Lucas Evangelista, 37 minutes in, which saw the first half end 1-0.

Fortaleza took the initiative in the second half, when Emanuel Britez found the net at the 57 minute mark. In the end though, Bragantino just before the final whistle took the victory via a Gabriel Novaes goal, leaving the final score at 2-1.

Substitutions for Bragantino included Gabriel Novaes, Helinho, Carlos Eduardo, Jose Hurtado and Jadsom for Alerrandro, Miguel, Marcos Vinicios, Aderlan and Raul, repectively. Fortaleza brought on Thiago Galhardo, Lucas Sasha, Felipe, Robson and Marcelo Benevenuto for Matheus de Vargas, Ronald, Matheus Jussa, Silvio Romero and Brayan Ceballos.

There were bookings for Leo Ortiz, Cleiton, Marcos Vinicios and Natan from Bragantino. For Fortaleza, Lucas Crispim, Ronald and Brayan Ceballos saw yellow.

Bragantino will next play Fluminense away, with Fortaleza facing Santos FC at home.

Technical card:
Red Bull Bragantino:Cleiton, Aderlan (Jose Hurtado, min.89), Natan, Leo Ortiz, Luan Candido, Artur, Lucas Evangelista, Raul (Jadsom, min.89), Miguel (Helinho, min.66), Marcos Vinicios (Carlos Eduardo, min.73) and Alerrandro (Gabriel Novaes, min.46)
Fortaleza EC:Marcelo Boeck, Brayan Ceballos (Marcelo Benevenuto, min.84), Titi, Emanuel Britez, Lucas Crispim, Ronald (Lucas Sasha, min.46), Matheus Jussa (Felipe, min.73), Matheus de Vargas (Thiago Galhardo, min.40), Juninho Capixaba, Moises Vieira da Veiga and Silvio Romero (Robson, min.73)
Stadium:Stadium Nabi Abi Chedid (nabizao)
Goals:Lucas Evangelista (1-0, min. 37), Emanuel Britez (1-1, min. 57) and Gabriel Novaes (2-1, min. 90)